Live-in care solutions to reduce pressure on the public sector

Ground-breaking, affordable, versatile and responsive live-in care solutions.

The public sector challenge

Our NHS and local authority colleagues in the health and social care sector are under considerable pressure as demand for care provision across the UK continues to grow.

With the number of people requiring urgent care and support increasing, not all providers are able to keep up with the demand for new care services.

  • Falls are estimated to cost the NHS more than £2.3 billion per year
  • Every minute, six people over 65 suffer a fall
  • Falls account for up to 40 per cent of ambulance call-outs for people aged 65+
  • Each ambulance call-out costs £,2301
  • Each hip fracture is likely to need hospital admission, at £5,744 per patient

Our ‘Home First’ live-in care solution

We’ve been working closely with partners to share knowledge and experience to create a host of ground-breaking affordable, versatile and responsive live-in care solutions.

Our empathetic and caring care workers support and encourage their clients every step of the way, respecting their wishes and dignity at all times.

As well as improving people’s quality of life by keeping people at home, our unique offer brings with it cost savings and efficiencies.

“Agincare have made a real impact in December achieving 44 patients discharged, saving 600 bed days.”
(Area Director)

During 2020/21 ‘Home First’ supported 3,384 patients, across 19 locations in England, to be discharged promptly and safely into their own homes. This freed up 63,361 NHS bed days allowing for more capacity in the hospitals for crucial operations and to manage the COVID-19 crisis. Those bed days would have cost the NHS more than £20 million over the year.

We are also so delighted that 100% of customers rated the service as ‘excellent’, and only 5% had to be readmitted to hospital.

Our innovative approach to reducing DTOC resulted in Agincare being chosen as a finalist in the prestigious LaingBuisson Awards, which recognise and celebrate industry excellence and innovative services in the public, private and third sectors.

For more information, see our Live-in Care Home First Brochure

The benefits for NHS partners

  • Reducing DToC and stranded patients
  • Reducing inequality of access
  • Freeing bed and community capacity
  • Pulling Medically Fit For Discharge (MFFD) patients out of acute at the earliest point

The benefits for local authority partners

  • Releasing new capacity
  • Tackling hard-to-reach people
  • Reducing prescribed care needs
  • Reducing admission to residential
  • Market intervention

If you’d like to discuss how Agincare’s ‘Home First’ live-in care solution could help you, please call our Public Sector Partnerships team on 01305443115 (Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm).

Why commission a public sector live-in care solution from Agincare?

  • We currently work with more than 25 local authority and CCG partners across England
  • Our partners benefit from our tailored solutions to meet specific outcomes while keeping within commissioning budgets
  • Over a 14-month period of Agincare live-in care, more than 2000 clients were discharged
  • Across the short-term managed schemes, 29,000 bed days were saved. At £300 for a bed day, that’s a £9 million saving
  • Reduced packages in short-term managed schemes, 9%
  • Average LOS in short-term managed schemes, 13 days
  • The readmission rate was 6%
  • National stranded patient/DToC targets achieved across all sites
  • Outstanding quality indicators and feedback from people
  • Finalist in two national awards, winner of two local NHS awards for our discharge services

“We have had a very pressurised 48 hours here – our position going into the bank holiday weekend was looking very precarious. Dawn and the team have been amazing, We certainly would not have managed with her and the team supporting our discharges.” (Discharge Services Manager)

We can guarantee:

  • Fast response times – our services are available asap. Our nationwide assessor team is able to respond with 24 hours
  • Live-in care in any location – no matter how rural
  • Our national presence – we are one of the UK’s most trusted home care providers
  • A wealth of experience – we’ve been working in health and social care for more than 30 years
  • A fully-managed solution – we are not an introduction service. This means we have an ongoing duty of care to our clients
  • Quality – we are regulated by the CQC

If you’d like to discuss how Agincare’s ‘Home First’ live-in care solution could help you, please call our Public Sector Partnerships team on 01305443115 (Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm).