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We provide modern and comfortable residential care homes across Dorset for a variety of care requirements. We support the elderly and individuals with special needs to live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives by providing quality care services.

Every individual values independence, which is what we strive to give our residents. Independence, after all, is not just about where your loved one lives; it’s how they live. Our Dorset-based care homes and residential nursing homes enable residents to continue living active lifestyles in a safe, supportive, and comfortable environment.

No two residents are the same; therefore, our experienced nurses and carers provide each resident with tailored care according to their unique concerns and personalities.

Accessible care homes in Dorset

We opened our first care home in Dorset in 1986 and now manage more than 20 residential care homes and nursing homes in the south of England, including nine in Dorset:

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Enjoy each day to the fullest

Agincare’s residential care home nurses and carers in Dorset receive the latest training in proper caring.

They customise the care they provide by learning more about your loved one’s individual needs and interests. Our goal is to keep our residents active and interested in everyday life. Our lifestyle team also plans a variety of one-to-one and group activities, ranging from outdoor trips to music and creative sessions and other forms of recreation. Even our cooks learn about your loved one’s food preferences and dietary needs to customise the menu.

While each of our care homes in Dorset and beyond is unique in style, setting and the type of care it delivers, they all operate to the same values – providing a safe, welcoming home at an affordable price.

To help you make the right choice, we’ve put together 10 top things to consider when choosing a care home.

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