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Agincare’s assortment of care homes and residential nursing homes provide a warm and comfortable environment in which all residents (and their families) feel at home.

Our residents’ health and interests will always be the heart of every room and facility we provide, and the reason for every decision our carers make.

Our care and nursing homes cater to a variety of needs, which include palliative care and nursing care for the elderly. Our professional and qualified staff make sure our residents have all they need. Your loved ones get immediate access to personalised care with the help of our carers, therapists and registered nurses.

Please call us on 01329 774919 to discuss how we can help with the care of a loved one.

Your loved ones are in good hands

We need to see our residents and staff enjoy their time with Agincare, no matter why they came to stay in our Hampshire care home. We want all our residents to make the most of their stay. To achieve this, our staff recognises and caters to an individual’s unique health status, qualities, preferences and interests.

At our care homes, there is also a strong emphasis on stimulating activities and socialising to keep our residents’ minds and bodies active. We keep our residents entertained with a range of fun activities such as local walks, arts and crafts, quizzes, baking sessions and exercises.

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We manage more than 20 residential care homes and nursing homes in England. This includes three in Hampshire:

While each of our care and nursing homes is unique in style, setting and the type of care it delivers, they all operate to the same values – providing a safe, welcoming home at a fair price.

Care home video

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Agincare care and nursing homes

To help you make the right choice, we’ve put together 10 top things to consider when choosing a care home.

Please call us on 01329 774919 to discuss how we can help with the care of a loved one.