Quality interactive training to provide the necessary skills and qualifications to be confident in providing high quality care.

We have a proactive approach towards training with a dedicated team of in-house trainers supported by external specialists. The focus is on providing quality interactive sessions which will provide staff with the necessary skills and qualifications to be confident in providing high quality care to our service users.

We have local training rooms, equipped with beds and hoists, which provide a positive learning environment and are situated in geographic locations to enable staff from various branches to meet and share good practice whilst participating in training.

Further training will continue to be sourced within localities and with partner organisations as and when needed. For some workers, distance learning and workbook training and development is essential and we continue to be committed to ways of encouraging and enabling ongoing development for all staff.

We believe that the proof of this is the fact that many of our staff have been with us for more than 10 years, bucking the trend of the high turnover workforce which is the industry norm. Having such an experienced and stable workforce is a major reason why many of our clients first choose and then stay with Agincare.

Whilst we recognise that care work may be a stepping stone for some wishing to pursue a career in a related field, for those looking at it as a long-term option we can offer a variety of opportunities. Our staff have recognised career paths and we positively encourage the pursuit of care sector nationally recognised qualifications.

Training Now

Our training partner Training Now, provides a wide range of social care and health qualifications and short courses.

Training Portal

We have developed a training portal to ensure that all carers are able to access to all of the mandatory training required to be up-to-date every year. The portal is password protected and can be found here


Celebrating 35 years of caring in the community

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