If you require full-time care, but want to remain at home, live-in care is the ideal solution.


Our fully managed live-in care service is the perfect care home alternative, providing one-to-one, 24-hour care for you in the comfort, security and familiar surroundings of your own home.

You will be supported by a carefully matched live-in care worker, as well as a designated care supervisor who will ensure you are receiving a tailored care package that works for you. With fully managed live-in care, you can have peace of mind knowing that a professional team is always on hand.


  • From £1045 per week
  • 24/7 support at home
  • One-to-one care
  • One-week trial period
  • No lengthy contracts


  • From £695 per week
  • 24-hour support at home
  • Care from 3 to 5 days per week
  • One-week trial period
  • No lengthy contracts


  • From £1400 per week
  • 24-hour support at home
  • Ongoing or one-off respite
  • Up to 2 wake ups per night
  • No lengthy contracts

Premium service

With Agincare’s live-in care service, you get more. All of our packages include a concierge service within the standard price. This means that your care worker is there to support you in all aspects of your life, not just personal care.

This could Be:

  • Caring for your pet
  • Maintaining your garden
  • Collecting medication
  • Managing finances
  • Taking you out and about
  • Liaising with health care professionals
  • Socialising
  • Helping you pursue hobbies and interests
  • Shopping

Our concierge service gives you the support to continue living an enriching life without limitations.

Why Agincare?

Our live-in care service is trusted by thousands of families, local authorities nationwide and the NHS to deliver reliable, high-quality care in people’s homes. Our bespoke, fully-managed service is regulated by the CQC and rated ‘Good’.

One of the largest independent care providers in England

Family-owned care provider established in 1986

Rated excellent on Trustpilot

Fully managed care provider

24/7 updates on your package of care via our app

Fully trained live-in care workers directly employed by us

Immediate and emergency starts available

Tailored support for varying levels of need, even where complex conditions are involved

Dedicated care supervisor to oversee your care

No lengthy contracts or exit fees

Offer a range of services including live-in care, home care and care homes

All of our care workers are English-speaking and enhanced DBS checked

Fully managed live-in care

What makes our live-in care special is that we fully manage it.

When you arrange live-in care with us, you receive a person-centred care plan and risk assessment, as well as support from a dedicated care manager and care supervisor. You also benefit from the additional reassurance and peace of mind of a 24-hour on-call emergency line.

As a managed provider, we employ and pay all of our care workers and so have a duty of care to you. We guarantee their training, supervision and support and, should your care worker fall ill, we are responsible for finding someone to replace them.

What’s more, as a fully regulated care provider, we are fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

By contrast, introductory services or care agencies will put you in contact with a self-employed care worker. Compared to our premium service, they offer fewer guarantees and leave you or a loved one to supervise, manage and organise all aspects of the care received.

ComparisonFully managed servicesCare agencies
Fully regulated by the CQC
Directly employs staff
Guaranteed care worker training
Person-centred care plan and risk assessment
Access to 24-hour on call emergency line

A personal approach

We understand that inviting someone to come and live with you in your home can be a big step. That’s why we are diligent when matching a live-in carer to you.

Our comprehensive assessment and matching process is done by a designated Care Coordinator who will take time putting together a selection of care workers for you to choose from. Each live-in care worker is selected based on your own preferences, hobbies and interests, ensuring you are introduced to your ideal care companion.

Once your care begins, you will receive ongoing support from an assigned point of contact and their professional team. This will include weekly check in calls, regular visits from your Care Coordinator and a 24/7 emergency on-call service.

Costs of live-in care

The cost of our regulated and managed live-in care service ranges from £695 to £1400 per week depending on the level and hours of support you require.

This incorporates our full concierge service which guarantees comprehensive care and support in all aspects of your life for a single, weekly fee. No hidden costs or surprise fees.

If you have concerns or questions about the cost of live-in care and would like to know what funding options are available to you, we can help. Read our guide to funding options.

Frequently asked questions

Live-in care is designed as an alternative to a care home admission and is naturally the next steps for those currently receiving home care but looking for more consistent, full time support. It’s a particularly successful option for people who do not wish to enter residential care or care homes.

With live-in care, a care worker lives with you in your own home to provide one-to-one, consistent support, 24/7. This service is bespoke to you and can be tailored to suit your specific needs. Whether you require personal care, support with household tasks, or help getting out and about, your live-in care worker will be on hand to support you in living as independently as possible at home. You can expect to receive care and support from a small team of care workers to ensure you have continuity.

Our fully managed care service means that we take care of everything. This includes coordination of your care package, matching a live-in care worker to you, and paying your care worker’s wages. All this is included in a single weekly fee.

Unlike an introductory agency which will simply put you in touch with a self-employed care worker, we employ, train and pay our teams. This means we have a duty of care to you and support you throughout the process. When you enquire, we will help you book your free, no obligation care assessment before putting in place a care plan tailored to your specific needs. We will also match a care worker to you based on your needs and preferences and assign a care coordinator who will oversee your care package.

Should your care worker fall ill or go on holiday, we will find someone to replace them and also provide a 24-hour emergency call line for when you or your care worker need additional support. Fully managed care is also fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission, giving you a higher level of protection and assurance than an introductory agency.

We’re proud that the CQC has rated all our regional live-in care teams as Good.

The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator of health and social care in England. They inspect and regulate different care services, including live-in care and base their inspection on five key questions: Are they safe? Are they effective? Are they caring? Are they responsive to people’s needs? And are they well-led?

All reports can be found on the CQC website.

Agincare is one of the nation’s largest live-in care providers. We provide live-in care across the length and breadth of England and have four regional teams – North, Central, South East and South West. We have care workers based across the country and aim to match you with a local live-in carer.

Live-in care is the next step up from home (domiciliary) care, providing around the clock support in your own home. While home care is charged by the hour, live-in care offers a 24-hour service for a weekly fee. With live-in care, you benefit from 24/7 care and support for as little as £695 per week. In comparison, home care can be as much as £30 per hour. That’s £300 per week for only two hourly visits five days a week.

Aside from the cost saving benefit, live-in care also provides consistent support. Unlike home care, whereby you may be supported by different care workers per visit, with live-in care you receive consistent care from a live-in care worker matched to you based on your needs and preferences. Depending on your needs we can provide two live-in care workers to care throughout the day and night.

With live-in care, a carer comes to live with you in your home and provides the support you need to continue living independently. Whether that’s personal care, household tasks, support getting out and about or companionship your support is tailored to you.

Live-in care is an affordable alternative to a care home that offers added support from a consistent care worker matched to you based on your needs and preferences.

The cost of our fully managed live-in care starts from £695 per week depending on the level of care and number of hours required. In contrast, care home prices start at £930 per week, and do not offer the one to one care and support provided by live-in care at home.

An exact quote on the cost of live-in care is dependent on a free, no obligation care assessment. Contact our team of care experts today to get started.

When you enquire into live-in care, our team of expert care advisors will get to know your requirements and book your free, no obligation care assessment. This will allow us to give you an exact quote and match a care worker to you and your needs.

The live-in care worker will come and live with you in your own home. You must have a spare bedroom available for them. They will be on hand to provide tailored support that enables you to maintain your normal routine.

Friends and family can continue to visit whenever you want and your live-in carer will assist you to pursue your interests and desires, such as going on trips out and helping you attend events.

We offer bespoke respite live-in care that allows you to continue living in your own home while your regular carer is away. With live-in respite care, you don’t need to temporarily move into a care home. You can continue living life your way with a specialist care worker who will live with you.

This could be a one-off stay, to give a regular family carer a much-needed break, or a regular arrangement to give you variety in your care. Our bespoke care can last as long as you need it to and can start within 24-hours.

With live-in care, you or your loved ones carry on living at home and retain your normal routine where possible thanks to the assistance of your care worker.

Friends and family can continue to visit whenever you want and your live-in carer will assist you to pursue your interests and desires, such as going on trips out and helping you attend events.

The type of care your live-in carer supports you with depends entirely on you. Your care worker will be on hand 24 hours a day, but the actual care and support they provide is tailored to your care needs. Everyone is different, so each of our care packages is different, too.

Our live-in care also comes with a concierge service included within the standard price. This includes additional support such as:

Taking service users on days out
Collecting medication
Pet care
Liaising with health care professionals

The following signs indicate that it may be time to consider a change from home care to 24-hour live-in care at home:

Compromised balance or frequent imbalance, which may be a result of age, a neurological problem or an accident
Recent hospitalisation or stay in a rehabilitation facility after a stroke, fracture or heart attack
Frequent confusion or agitation in the dark or upon waking up in the middle of the night
Wandering from home, on foot or in a vehicle, and getting confused or lost
Frequent fainting
Fright or confusion over the short absences of family, friends or caregivers

Yes, absolutely. Our live-in care team have a range of experience and specialisms, including dementia, palliative care and end-of-life care.

We will match you to a carer who is right for you and your care needs and have a clinical lead who ensures your live-in care worker is fully trained and able to support you.

Agincare is one of the nation’s largest live-in care providers. We have teams across the four regions of England- Central, North, South East and SouthWest.

Many of our live-in carers are extremely mobile, meaning they are happy to move to a different part of the country to support a client. This means that, no matter where you live in England, we can support you to continue living at home.

Our comprehensive assessment and matching process is done by a designated care coordinator who will find the best available care worker for you. They will present you with two or three profiles to consider and select from based on an understanding of your needs and preferences.

Each live-in carer has their own mix of experience, qualifications, background and interests – meaning that, with our help, you can find your ideal care companion.

Your live-in carer will need a bedroom and is entitled to a 2-hour break each day (or 14 hours a week). They will also need somewhere to keep their clothes and access to a bathroom and kitchen.

While they are on call for 24 hours a day, minimal interruptions during the night are expected. If this does not suit your needs, 24-hour care or a waking nights option is available.

If you are still living in your home, it cannot be taken into account as an asset when calculating the cost of care.

Therefore, your home remains yours to bequeath or do with as you wish. This is particularly relevant for people with combined assets amounting to more than £23,250 (the point at which clients become responsible for the full cost of their care).

We are proudly not an introductory agency. We employ all our live-in carers, which means that we are wholly responsible for recruiting them and making sure their training is up-to-date.

Even our fantastic care workers need regular holidays. And with Agincare, you don’t need to worry about finding someone else to support you while they’re away, that’s our job.

We are there for you every day that we provide you with live-in care. We are always at the end of a phone, should you need us. Quite simply, introductory agencies won’t give you the level of service, security and reassurance that we will.

The easiest way to start is by calling our team of care experts. They’ll answer any questions you might have and talk you through the process in a calm and unpressured way. You’ll have the time and space to reflect and decide whether to proceed with live-in care.

If you do choose us as your live-in care provider, we’ll go through a detailed care assessment with you, so we fully understand the level and type of care you or your loved one need. Then we’ll be able to devise a comprehensive care plan, tailored to your individual needs.

We’ll also get to know you, your likes and dislikes. All this information helps us match you with a care worker who will make a positive difference to you and your quality of life.

The cost of our live-in care depends entirely on the level of care you need with prices starting at just £1045 per week. This is comparable to a care home, where fees usually start at £895 per person but with the added benefit of being able to remain in your own home with one-to-one, consistent support.

Live-in care is particularly cost-effective for couples who require support but who would prefer to stay in their own home. For just £1450 per week, you can continue to live with your partner without having to move out or risk being separated into different rooms or wards within a care home.

Another important financial aspect of live-in care is that, unlike with residential care, the local authority will not take the value of your home into account as an asset, because you are still living there.

Our live-in care for couples’ service can support couples in their own homes from £1045 per week. This makes live-in care more cost-effective than a couple moving to a care home where they would be charged for two rooms. It also gives partners peace of mind that, as their needs increase, they can stay together in their home and continue to enjoy their daily lives while receiving the level of care they need.

Our live-in carers can provide specialist care in a range of specialisms, including dementia, palliative care and end-of-life care.

No. Agincare is a care provider offering a fully managed service. This means that we directly employ our live-in carers and ensure that they have received all the necessary training. You will receive a person-centred care plan and risk assessment and will be supported by a dedicated care manager and care supervisor. You will also have the added reassurance of a 24-hour on call emergency line.

We are also fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission; giving you peace of mind that you are receiving high quality, professional care. By contrast, a self-employed care worker offers fewer guarantees and leaves you to supervise, manage and organise all aspects of the care your loved one receives.

Both live-in care and a care home provide 24-hour support for you or a loved one. Unlike in a care home however, with live-in care you can continue to live in your home among familiar surroundings, people, pets and objects.

Live-in care is an affordable alternative to residential care. As well as a tailored care package, you will benefit from 24-hour, one to one support from a single carer. This allows you to enjoy the companionship of a carer hand-picked for you and build a meaningful relationship with them.

In a care home, you have a safe and secure environment with support from a care team, on hand 24/7. Here, you are supported in all aspects of daily life with group activities, accommodation and meals all planned on your behalf through a care plan agreed by you.

Live-in care can be paid for through council funding or privately. Based on an assessment of your financial situation and care needs, the local authority will decide whether it is them, or you who is to pay for live-in care. The local authority may also decide that it requires a combination of both options.

The advantage of live-in care is that, because you continue to live in your home, it cannot be taken into account as an asset in the financial assessment.

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