Support for younger adults aged 16+

Our live-in care and home care support for younger adults aged 18 and above combine medical expertise with physical and emotional support. We focus on tailoring care, so you can live a full and active life in your own home.

Our goal is to enable you to live the best life that you possibly can. Because of this, we work with you in creating your care plan. Whether it’s going to work or university, or enjoying your social life by taking part in clubs, days out or meeting friends – we can provide support.

All our care workers complete the nationally recognised care certificate. Specific client needs-led training is taught by our partner Training Now, and healthcare professionals.

We provide a range of support options for younger adults with:

Letting someone new into your home can be a difficult decision and we understand that everyone’s needs are going to be different. Our person-centred approach means that we take the time to find the right support worker and care package for you. Your assistant will work with you to monitor how things are going and to make sure you that feel happy and comfortable.

Our team are all DBS (police) checked, receive specialist training and are fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission. Our team of support workers all receive the relevant medical training to ensure they are knowledgeable in your medication administration needs.

We understand that everyone who comes to us has their own unique needs. We take the time to match the right support to you and your lifestyle, so that you can control your life.

What is a support worker?

A support worker is someone who supports you with day-to-day tasks so that you can continue to live independently. They can help you with the following:

  • Personal care & dressing
  • Medication
  • Cooking
  • Transport
  • Attending work, university or higher education
  • Shopping
  • Household chores
  • Building positive social networks
“I have my life back to the best it can be, I can see my friends when I want and my family, I have a better sense of stoicism”.
Callum, acquired spinal cord injury

Live-in care for younger adults

Our live-in care support service for younger adults provides 24-hour, one to one care at home. A live-in care worker will live with you and support you to gain independence and achieve your personal goals.

Whether it is getting out and about in the local community, pursuing a hobby, or even attending university, live-in care for younger adults can help.

We also provide specialist support to those with complex needs and behaviours that challenge.

Our Enable service provides personalised support which enables real choice and control so that people can live independently.

Information for commissioners

We have extensive experience supporting younger adults. Our outcome-based services provide the best quality support, as well as offering the best-value commissioning options for local authorities and clinical commissioning groups.

  • Our person-centred outcome focus support, supports and enables real choice and control
  • Our teams work across the country to better understand each localities commissioning aspirations
  • We also have a dedicated commercial team managing contracts and service specifications.

We are committed to working in partnership, talk to us about what you would like to achieve.

Contact Enable’s Leanne Stockwell on 01634 846 543 or