Dementia care

Specialist dementia care in your own home or in one of our residential homes.

Our specialist dementia care services can make a real difference to the quality of life for people with dementia, including Alzheimer’s.

Care tailored to your needs

We are committed to being a frontrunner in providing excellent dementia care. Our highly-experienced staff tailor professional and compassionate care to you – whether that’s in your home or one of our care homes.

There is currently no cure for dementia. However, many people with dementia live well for years after their diagnosis. We are here to help you.

What dementia care does Agincare offer?

We offer three types of care for people living with dementia:

Call us now on 01305443115 to talk to our team about how we can support you or a family member with personalised care.

Our specialist dementia lead nurse

We’ve developed our own in-house specialist dementia lead nurse role. This spearheads our focus on providing excellent support and care for people living with dementia.

Our specialist dementia training

We have developed specialist dementia training; a Level 3 Diploma in the Principles of Dementia Care. This has achieved accreditation by NCFE, in conjunction with Agincare’s own training company, Training Now. This diploma develops and expands the skills and knowledge of staff working in Agincare care homes.

What is dementia?

Dementia is an umbrella term used to describe the symptoms that happen when there’s a decline in brain function. Nerve cells in the brain become damaged, and ultimately die. When a nerve cell dies, it cannot usually be replaced, and different areas of the brain shrink.

There are 850,000 people in the UK living with dementia. Dementia mainly affects people over the age of 65, and the likelihood of developing dementia increases significantly as we get older. However, dementia can also affect younger people. There are more than 42,000 people in the UK under 65 with dementia.

Dementia causes and types

We have a wealth of experience in caring for people with different types of dementia.

Dementia symptoms

Although some symptoms of dementia, such as memory loss, are common to many people with dementia, each person’s experience of dementia will be different.

Dementia treatment

We work closely with healthcare partners to make sure that we are doing all we can to support people to live well with dementia.

Dementia risk factors

We can’t say for certain why someone develops dementia. However, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has published guidelines on dementia risk factors.

Our dementia care charter

Our care charter sets out in more depth Agincare’s commitment to excellent dementia care.

Our commitment to John’s Campaign and family carers

Agincare was the first independent care home group to sign up to John’s Campaign. The campaign reflects the high value we place on working in partnership with family carers.

Dementia poem

We love this ‘If I get dementia’ poem by Rachael Wonderlin.

Call us now on 01305443115 to talk to our team about how we can support you or a family member with personalised care.