Our international recruitment arm, Agincare International, selects, sponsors and supports applicants from overseas to gain employment in the UK; both within Agincare and other care providers.

Over the past three years, we have developed a tried and tested process of supporting highly trained healthcare professionals from overseas to come to the UK ready to work. Today, we welcome over 200 new team members each year, providing ongoing pastoral support and a seamless journey into a career in England.

It is our attention to detail that gives us a 94% retention rate for international healthcare workers, and why so many other care providers are turning to us for support overcoming their recruitment challenges.

The recruitment challenge

Recruitment is the biggest challenge facing health and social care today. Across the sector, the vacancy rate has risen to the highest level since records began, showing a 52% increase compared to 2022.

While demand for healthcare assistants continues to increase, recruitment and retention remain poor. Lack of sufficient training, team continuity and increased staff pressures have seen the turnover rate within health and social care rise to a staggering 31%.

Overcoming this challenge is dependent on finding new recruitment opportunities overseas. We need to look internationally for skilled, highly trained healthcare assistants and nurses.

Overseas training and candidate sourcing

We are supporting care providers nationwide to recruit international healthcare assistants fully prepared to begin a career in health and social care within the UK.

Working in partnership with health and social care training partners overseas, Agincare International manages a comprehensive support and employability programme that equips selected candidates with the skills and knowledge they need for a career in care.

Our recruitment programme has already welcomed over 200 sponsored care workers each year and now we are opening our programme to other care providers.

If you are looking into overseas recruitment, our expert team can help. They take time getting to know your organisation before supporting you to sponsor and welcome highly trained overseas care workers into your organisation.

International care
worker training

We are working with training providers overseas to create a pool of senior healthcare assistants ready to work for you.

Successful candidates complete accredited courses in India and Sri Lanka, developed by specialist health and social care training provider, Training Now. The course prepares them for a career in health and social care in England and includes modules on topics such as ‘English Conversations in Care’, ‘Working in the UK Care Industry’ and ‘Working in the UK’. This includes learning focused on understanding what a day in the life of a healthcare assistant looks like and how to fully integrate into our community.

The course covers the UK Care Certificate standards and also includes skills sessions designed to support learners to adapt to life in the UK and to develop their language skills.

This gives you the assurance that your new team members will be ready to work from the moment they start, and relieve your recruitment pressures. Our programme has seen increased retention rate, improved team stability, and reduced recruitment and agency spend for our partners.

EU recruitment

Agincare International has long been recruiting live-in carers from the EU and are now looking for more people to join our live-in care team. We have opportunities across England within our live-in care services and welcome EU applicants that meet our eligibility criteria.

If you represent a recruitment agency in the EU, specialising in care worker recruitment to the UK, we want to hear from you.

We are committed to welcoming EU citizens to the UK to work as live-in care workers and offer guaranteed employment to successful candidates as well as full training, financial support and free meals and accommodation while they work for us.

Partner with Agincare International

Whether you are seeking support becoming a licenced sponsor, looking for a pipeline of highly trained care workers ready to work in the UK, or an EU recruitment agency, we want to talk to you.

Contact our team today to discuss a partnership with Agincare International.

Frequently asked questions

No, Agincare International is not a recruitment agency. Unlike an agency, which will simply rent or sell healthcare workers to you, we provide a comprehensive support service which aims to tackle your recruitment challenges for the long term. This includes support on becoming a licenced sponsor, assess to permanent team members, and ongoing pastoral care to ensure you and your new healthcare workers settle into the arrangement.

With Agincare International, you can replace high agency spend with experienced healthcare workers from our highly-trained international candidates.

To apply for our healthcare recruitment training and positions within the UK, candidates must meet our eligibility criteria:

– Have a qualification in a health and social care related subject
– Be a nurse (or equivalent, such as a paramedic) or healthcare assistant
– Have a qualification that demonstrates a proficient level of spoken and written English (UKVI IELTS with scores not less than 6 overall and 5.5 for each module)
– Have 1 or more years of clinical experience

Note: Further criteria may apply for selected roles within Agincare.

Agincare welcomes team members from all around the world and is proud of its diverse workforce. Currenly, we actively recruit in all European countries and have training programmes in Sri Lanka and India. These are formed in partnership with training providers to deliver bespoke, comprehensive training to future team membes that fully prepares them for a career in care within the UK.

If you are currently struggling to recruit healthcare workers and are spending too much on agency, a partnership with Agincare International can have many benefits for your company.

We are experts in international recruitment, welcoming over 200 new team members into Agincare every year. What’s more, we have been able to overcome our own recruitment challenges and maintain a 94% retention rate for international care workers. When you work with us, you benefit from the knowledge and expertise we have gained over the past few years.

We will help you establish your recruitment challenges before establishing the best way to overcome these through international recruitment. You gain access to fully trained healthcare workers ready to work in the UK for you. All new team members have completed a course designed by specialist health and social care training provider, Training Now which covers the fundamentals of working in care, including the care certificate.

Talk to our team today to find out how we can support you to overcome your recruitment challenges.

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