Our public sector partnerships are founded on understanding. As trusted partners with long standing relationships, we are well placed to support the health and care sector’s modern day demands and the people who rely upon those services.

With the number of people requiring urgent, short term and long term support, we are one of a select number of providers who are able to match this demand and evolution with high quality services.

That’s why we work closely with public sector partners, sharing knowledge and experience to create affordable and responsive care and nursing home options that meet your desired outcomes.

We have care and nursing homes offering over 1200 beds nationwide and work with local authority partners to create services in response to local need, including discharge to assess and reablement beds. Whatever your needs and desired outcomes, our expert teams foster a collaborative approach to ensure we work together to provide high-quality care that improves the lives of those we support.

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Our partnerships

Our journey in delivering residential and nursing care began in 1986 with Agincourt Care Home in Weymouth, Dorset. Since then, we have worked with local authority and NHS partners to provide high-quality, inclusive services for people nationwide.

We currently maintain contracts and partnerships with over 20 local authorities and NHS partners within our care and nursing homes, providing discharge to assess and reablement placements in response to emerging needs. Approximately 85% of our work across our homes is facilitated through local authority and NHS contracts, forged in collaboration with commissioners to meet the diverse needs of our residents.

Notable contracts include the expansion of our existing block contract in Medway. In response to emerging needs, we built a new wing with eight bed places for people to be used as an assessment unit with discrete environmental adaptations, its own entrance and care team, and a focus on discharge to assess culture.

In 2023, Agincare was awarded the lease and care agreements for four care homes in London via successful tender process. Since then, we have developed the Avon unit; a dedicated assessment unit with Waterside Care Home to accommodate people in 16 discharge to assess and reablement placements. This has led to positive results driven by a truly joined up service with a focus on reablement and move on from the service for people.

Through our partnerships, we are working alongside local authorities and NHS partners to deliver adaptive and specialist services in response to specific local requirements.

Types of care we provide

We collaborate closely with public sector partners nationwide with block bed contracts, discharge to assess and reablement services, tailored to meet the specific and emerging requirements of people in your community.

Our existing partnerships span over 20 contracts and address summer and winter pressures in certain areas, providing timely support during critical periods where the NHS is under considerable pressure. Additionally, we partner with local authorities to establish virtual wards, ensuring a seamless transition for residents discharged from hospitals.

All of our services are bespoke to you, providing the right level of support to overcome your healthcare challenges. Whether it’s block bed contracts, discharge to assess, reablement or bespoke units, our care and nursing homes nationwide can support you to reduce those pressures.

Our nursing homes boast highly qualified registered nurses and clinical leads, supported by a senior operations team with extensive experience in the sector. While some of our homes operate independently within their localities, such as Tilford in Surrey and Fulford in West Sussex, others function at a cluster level, leveraging resourcing synergies across multiple sites, exemplified by our clusters in Medway, Dorset, Derby, and Swindon. This strategic approach enables us to optimise resources and enhance the delivery of care for people across our network of homes.

Block contracts

Our block contracts enable you to secure bed placements for people within our homes that are available to you whenever needed. Our block contracts provide significant benefits to commissioners including, timely, predictable and flexible services, low transaction costs, and guaranteed bed spaces in times of increased pressure. We hold block contracts with many local authorities across England, providing a reliable and financially viable service that can be tailored to meet your budgetary constraints.

In Medway, our existing block contracts has been enhanced by the building of a new wing with places for eight people. This came in response to emerging needs whereby we agreed to a specific discharge to assess contract for five years. This saw the new wing used as an assessment unit, with discrete environmental adaptations including its own entrance and care team.

Our enduring partnership with Medway council exemplifies our ever-growing long-term partnership of block contracts across three homes in the region. This positive partnership has been reflected at ‘A Better Medway Awards’ where our care team at Rochester Care Home earned Team of the Year, while Victory Care Home’s Julie Marrs secured the well-deserved Care Worker of the Year accolade.

Southwark council case studies

In 2023, Southwark Council appointed Agincare as the new care provider for four homes in the borough – Waterside, Greenhive, Bluegrove House and Rose Court under a long-term partnership arrangement.

In November 2023, Southwark and our Agincare team opened our new specialist Avon Unit at Waterside Care Home which has increased nursing care and reablement capacity for people in the borough. It currently has 17 bedrooms and spacious communal areas to support both people in reablement pathways and those who need to be discharged from hospital for further assessment, or to prevent hospital admission. Waterside Care Home will also provide nursing provision for a further 16 people, and it is expected that this will continue to develop over time.

Our care home management services

We offer a range of care home consultancy and care home management services to support owners of residential and nursing homes achieve their objectives.

We provide flexible care home management services to owners of care homes, administrators and insolvency practitioners, and to investors looking to outsource the running of a care home to one of the largest independent care home providers in England.

While there may be other care home consultancy and management companies, our extensive knowledge of both business and care, and positive relationships with partner authorities, means we know how to tackle all aspects of managing a care home. That includes quality, care, regulation and operations through to commerical management and income generation, from a company who are actively dealing with the challenges of the sector day-to-day.

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Frequently asked questions

We are a family-owned care provider, trusted by families to deliver reliable, high-quality professional care services since 1986. We have a succesful track record of working with people drawing on our services, their families and health and social care professionals to deliver high quality, specialist care, tailored to each individual person.

Our expert clinical leads ensure that our dedicated care teams recieve the best possible bespoke training to support people, even if there are complex conditions involved.

The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator of health and social care in England. They inspect and regulate different care services, including home care, care homes and live-in care and base their inspection on five key questions: Are they safe? Are they effective? Are they caring? Are they responsive to people’s needs? And are they well-led?

Our reports can be found on the CQC website and on our website.

Agincare’s is one the largest independent care providers nationwide. Our quality professional care services include home care, live-in care, assisted living (extra care), care and nursing homes, supported living and more.

Use our care options tool or call our expert advisors on 08082 566038 to find out the right service for you in your location.

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