End of life care

Coming to terms with the end of someone’s life is something that most people find very difficult to face.

We understand how difficult and emotional these situations are and try to give the best quality of life to people and their families by providing holistic, compassionate end of life care for people who are reaching the end of their lives.

We can support you and your family with three kinds of end of life care:

End of life care NHS funding

End of life care funding is available from the NHS who are committed to providing attentive, high quality care for those who need it in their final weeks and months.

The NHS still normally funds end of life care, even if you have significant assets.

Call us on 01305443115 for more information about our holistic end of life care and to talk through the options.

Talking about death and dying

This video from Age UK offers some excellent advice.

Let's talk about death and dying | Age UK