Christchurch home care worker saves stranger’s life

Published: Wednesday 25th November 2020

As part of their job our care team members are well-trained to respond to emergencies. But those skills can equally be life-saving outside work, as a member of our Christchurch home care team recently demonstrated.

Soreya Kia was off-duty when she saw a man collapse in the street. Soreya immediately ran across the road to see how she could help. While the man’s colleague looked on in shock, Soreya’s Agincare training kicked straight in. She calmly and effectively kept the man responsive for almost 30 minutes while they waited for the ambulance to arrive and transfer him to hospital.

Soreya said: “I’ve heard back from the colleague who was with the man. It was a definite heart attack and what I did indeed saved his life. He’s had to go for emergency surgery for stents to be put in. I’m so glad I could help!”

Well done, Soreya, we are very proud of you, and it just goes to show how important good training is. All our care team members go on an intensive three-day training and selection programme before starting. This is then followed by a 12-week induction and training period.

New recruits also have the option to enrol onto our apprenticeship scheme from the day they start their career with us. Care team members can develop their skills, knowledge and behaviours in health and social care with apprenticeships from Level 2 to 5. Our training offer supports professional growth and career progression with recognised RQF qualifications.