Learning at work week: care work apprenticeships with Agincare

Published: Thursday 19th May 2022

This week (16th to 22nd May) marks the 2022 Learning at Work Week; a national campaign that focuses on increasing understanding, knowledge and engagement in lifelong and continual learning.

The annual event aims to put a spotlight on the importance of learning at work and what opportunities are available to those looking to progress their careers.

At Agincare, we are committed to supporting continuous professional development and offer free courses and care work apprenticeships to our care teams across our full range of services.

Training Now’s care work apprenticeships

Our training partner, Training Now, is a nationwide training company specialising in social care apprenticeships and short courses.

Training Now’s range of care work apprenticeships give our teams the opportunity to earn while they learn and gain a qualification without the need to change job role or employer. With courses available from level 2 to level 5, anyone employed by Agincare can gain the right qualifications to help progress their career.

What’s more, all apprenticeships are provided for free. This means that, with Agincare, it couldn’t be easier to start an apprenticeship in care work.


Learning at work week

The theme of this year’s event is Learning Uncovered; focused on the promotion of lifelong learning while celebrating the benefits to the individual. As a result, we thought now was the perfect time to shine our own light on the positive impact that apprenticeships are having on our care teams and the culture of learning that exists within Agincare.

To find out more, we spoke to Laura Dingle who has been working in our Tilford care home for the past 14 years.


Laura’s care apprenticeship

Starting as a Care Assistant, Laura has developed a successful career in care and has been Care Manager at Tilford care home for the past three years.

In December 2020, she began her level 5 Healthcare Assistant Practitioner apprenticeship.

My aim is to use the qualification I get from my level 5 to work my way up in care. The aim is to be a deputy or a RGN. I have a way to go to get there but this apprenticeship is a huge step towards that.



For Laura, the care work apprenticeship is an opportunity to gain a vital qualification needed to take another step up in her career and push her further towards her goal of becoming a deputy manager or Registered General Nurse.

Along her career journey at Tilford, she has been supported by her managers to pursue training and career opportunities.

Having been promoted to Senior Care Assistant only a year and a half prior, Laura was recommended for the Care Manager position by her Operational Manager.

My Operational Manager recommended me for the care manager job. I knew I didn’t have the qualifications and so I was hesitant about applying; but I had ten years’ experience and support from my managers.



Now having been in the role for the past three years, Laura is looking to further her career and is doing a care work apprenticeship as a means of gaining the additional qualifications she needs.

I wanted to progress in my career and gain the qualifications I need. What I like is that they don’t set you up to fail. Agincare and Training Now work together to support you. They support you to succeed.




Supporting Continuous learning at work

When enrolled on a care work apprenticeship with Training Now, you are supported by passionate and experienced experts in teaching and learning.

Each apprentice is given their own Teaching and Learning Coach, who supports them on a one-to-one basis throughout their course.

Whatever the apprenticeship, learning is tailored to the individual with 20% paid on-the-job training during contracted hours and teaching shaped to help the apprentice progress towards their long-term goals.

For Laura, the initial worry of an increased workload was a big factor when making the decision to begin a care work apprenticeship. However, with on-the-job training and one-to-one support, she found continuous learning to be possible alongside her other commitments.

It is a big workload, but it’s manageable. I have never once felt overwhelmed. As a working Mum with a 9-year-old, I feel like I prove that an apprenticeship is possible to work around life and commitments.



All Training Now apprentices also benefit from a range of support services that includes functional skills tutoring and careers advice sessions.


A culture of learning at Agincare

At every stage of Laura’s remarkable Care Assistant to Care Manager story, she has been encouraged by a passionate team, invested in her career development.

Today, Laura is doing the same for her care team, giving them the guidance they need to achieve their own career goals with Agincare.

I’ve currently got 3 care workers doing their level 3 at Tilford and I mentor them. We arrange a time to go over the work they are doing and I help them to learn or better understand a topic. I really like to teach them and they come to me with questions or for advice. What’s nice is that I am doing an apprenticeship too, so I am sharing in their experience.



Inspiring learning through care apprenticeships

Whether you are a care assistant, administrator, or a manager, our Training Now partners have a range of apprenticeships and short courses to help you reach your full potential with us.

Across England, our care teams are continuously developing through on-the-job learning; using new skills and knowledge to ensure we are always delivering high quality care, while ever reaching closer to their personal goals.

Concluding our discussion with Laura, we asked what advice she would give to someone thinking of doing a care work apprenticeship. She said:

It’s something I wish I had done when I started in care. Apprenticeships are an amazing opportunity for care assistants to pursue a career and progress.




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