Live-in care poppy competition: commemorating Remembrance day

Published: Thursday 11th November 2021

On Remembrance day, we remember those who have served, and continue to serve, in the Armed Forces.

To mark the occasion, our South West live-in care team ran a poppy making competition for their service users and live-in care workers.

independent living poppy competition

The competition saw the live-in branch post poppy making kits to homes across the South West and encouraged those in independent living to engage in craft activities.

Each kit contained the materials needed for assembling the paper poppies with participants having the option of either following the instructions, or using their creativity to make their own designs.

To enter, all service users and care workers had to do was make their poppies and send in a picture.

Office Administrator, Sophie, who organised and judged the competition explained:

I chose poppy making for our Autumn competition as I felt that Remembrance day would be close to the hearts of many of our clients and team members.

It is also an important opportunity for those in independent living to be part of the wider live-in care community.

Over the past few weeks, the branch has received some incredible and creative submissions from across the region. Before we announce the winner however, here are a couple of our favourite Remembrance day poppies.


Kathleen and Gheorghita

One of our favourite entries was this selection of paper poppies made by Kathleen and her live-in care worker Gheorghita. Together they had a great time creating the gigantic flowers as well as some smaller, card ones, which they hand-coloured.

independent living poppy competition independent living poppy competition

Gheorghita explains:

She is paralysed on her right side, so she was holding the petals of the poppy and she was telling me how to do them. She was enjoying so much the work. I came up with the idea of her colouring white carton in red and green, and we made a poppy from scratch.

Gheorghita enables independent living, and supports Kathleen to retain choice and control over her life; knowing that support is available when she needs it.

Kathleen greatly enjoyed the chance to be creative for Remembrance day and reflects on the experience each morning when she gazes at the poppies now attached to her bedroom mirror.


Douglas and Gabi

Although picking our favourites was tough, we couldn’t help but love this submission from Douglas and live-in care worker Gabi.

independent living poppy competition

Douglas and Gabi took a slightly different approach to their remembrance poppy, creating flamboyant, feather-like flowers. Douglas modelled his wonderful creations in their submission photo.

Competitions are an opportunity for those in independent living and their care workers to do creative activities together and get involved in traditions. As Sophie added:

We in the office and field support staff are always eager to recognise, appreciate and support important traditions such as remembrance day. We felt that poppy making would be a wonderful way to get everyone involved.

Creative activities are an important part of live-in care. They are a way for service user and care worker to connect through their shared experiences.

The regular competitions organised by Sophie and the South West live-in care team, which began with a cress growing competition last July, have proven popular and service users are left eagerly anticipating the next one.


And the winner is…

While we had many wonderful submissions, all competitions must have a winner.

The winner for the best poppy this Remembrance day goes to: Mrs Weatherhead and her live-in care worker, Alina.

independent living poppy competitionindependent living poppy competition

The photograph of the poppy is almost as important as the poppy itself and few entries could match the beautiful pictures sent in by Mrs Weatherhead and Alina.

Accompanying the beautiful shots of their paper poppy, looking at home amongst the grape leaf in her garden, Mrs Weatherhead also snapped a picture of her flower on her son’s jacket.

He is a member of the British Legion on Ross on Wye. Formed in 1921 and is commemorating its 100th anniversary this year.

Announcing the winner, Sophie said:

Congratulations to our poppy competition winners! We love to see the amazing and creative entries we receive back from our clients and care workers and this one had a great story to go with it.

The live-in care South West team wish to express a huge thank you to all those who took part and promise to bring more exciting competitions to service users and care workers in the near future.


What live-in care offers

  • One-to-one, personalised support, 24 hours a day, to meet all your individual needs
  • Staying in your own home, alongside any family or pets
  • Keeping your independence and continuing to be part of your local community, with your social life and timetable
  • The companionship of your live-in carer, helping prevent isolation and loneliness while retaining independent living
  • Support with getting the medication, nutrition and hydration you need
  • Care taken of domestic chores such as cooking, cleaning and laundry
  • Lowered risk of falls and hospitalisation
  • Peace of mind for your family and loved ones that may not be local, knowing help is at hand 24/7


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