How I’ve grown with Agincare – Courtney’s story

Published: Wednesday 11th August 2021

Courtney, 22, is a team leader in our Bexhill care home and retirement village, St Peter’s Park. She’s bright, talkative, warm and with years of training under her belt, she is newly appointed to head up care in the site’s brand new dementia wing.

When Courtney first stepped into care, however, she had no idea what her part-time job would blossom into.

Earning while learning

In 2014, Courtney was studying her NVQ 3 at Bexhill College, and that’s when she first joined the team under the site’s previous management.

Because caring for others has always come naturally to Courtney, she said:

It was in my nature really. My mum’s worked here about 15 years – she’s a team leader, and I’ve always admired her and what she does. Care is what I know I’m good at, and I enjoy it. It’s absolutely amazing to help people.

While she studied, she worked between classes as a general assistant. Her duties were to keep things running smoothly between the day care, the kitchen, the housekeeping, and even spanned to supplying a stream of tea for the team.

Courtney quickly made friends within St Peter’s Park, and the environment felt like home in more ways than one. Describing it, she said: “The bonds you form here over the years from a young age, just by going in blindly and learning on the job, it opens your eyes. It feels like family.”

Fitting shifts around her schedule was crucial in juggling school and work, but it was a balancing act that Courtney remembers as limitless: “you get out what you put in!”

Promoted from part-time

Courtney was promoted to a care assistant when she turned 18. Shortly after, she took a year’s break from care and education to prioritise some personal matters, knowing St Peter’s Park would always welcome her back.

With the appointment of our registered manager Lisa Turner, the team was delighted to do just that when Courtney decided she was ready to return. With Lisa at the helm and St Peter’s Park entering its newest chapter, Courtney has loved every minute.

Lisa’s the best manager I’ve seen here, she’s fantastic. The future’s going to be amazing!

Care home Bexhill manager

The sky is the limit

Today, Courtney is proud to have grown in her career again, with her newest promotion to team leader for the dementia wing.

This is an exciting development in a specialism she’s passionate about. Courtney says: “Dementia’s always been an interest to me, I think very few people fully understand. The training I had changed my life. It’s so easy for people to get frustrated… but to show the right level of patience and support and care to a being… it’s special.”

Throughout her journey with Agincare, Courtney most loves the rewarding environment and the bonds she builds. Above all, she says – it’s fun.

I want to invest myself. I feel like I’ve got a really long career in it.


– Courtney, team leader at St Peter’s Park

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