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Funding live-in care costs

At Agincare we understand you may have concerns or questions about the cost of live-in care and what funding options are available for you. We have broken down our care into three levels of dependency and are fully transparent about our costs.

We are proud to offer a free care assessment without any setup costs and we do not charge more for respite care or peak time care e.g. Christmas and bank holidays.

We aim to give you the highest standard of live-in care possible in a cost-effective way. If you have any questions about cost or funding please contact our team for free on 0800 0121 247 who will be able to answer any questions you may have.

LOW DEPENDENCY CAREfrom as little as £795 per week


We offer a range of companionship live-in care for people of all ages, from those who have no personal care requirements to those who need assistance with some smaller aspects of personal care and day to day living.

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MEDIUM DEPENDENCY CAREfrom as little as £875 per week


Our personal care is available for people of all ages needing slightly more help in their day to day lives from general care to those with a specific healthcare need such as Parkinson’s, reduced mobility or dementia.

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HIGH DEPENDENCY CAREfrom as little as £975 per week


For individuals of all ages with high levels of personal care, with more severe stages of neurological disorders and/or physical incapacity or people who may require hoisting, our high dependency care is available.

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At Agincare we recognise that most people would rather be cared for at home than move into a care home or other institution. For those that require at home care, there are various financing options and state funding schemes which can help people achieve this. If you require any further information on funding please contact our team for free on 0800 0121 247 and they will be happy to go through all of the options with you.

Do I qualify for funding?

You may qualify for some level of funding from your local authority or the NHS. In order to determine if you qualify for any funding, you will need to have a needs assessment from your local authority. To find out more about funding please visit our dedicated funding page for more information.
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Direct payments

Direct payments are a great way for you to take back control of your care. After an assessment by the local authority and the creation of a care plan, you or someone you trust can be awarded control over the money the government would have used to provide your care. This money can then be used to select the right form of care for you, for instance, live-in care. To find out more visit our dedicated direct payments page and see if you are eligible.
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Public Live-in Care funding

Continuing healthcare funding is a whole package of ongoing care arranged and funded solely by the NHS for people outside of hospital with ongoing health needs. Individuals who are eligible for NHS CHC receive their care package, including social care, for free. To find out more about continuing healthcare funding please see our dedicated page.
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This page summarises how live-in care is often financed. Agincare live-in care services are not authorised to provide investment or other financial advice and nothing on this page should be construed as such. We recommend you obtain independent financial advice from an adviser registered with the Financial Services Authority.

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