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Reablement care - for conditions which require recovery time

Why reablement care?

  • Reablement care is a cost effective solution for service users who need intensive, time-limited support
  • It is particularly beneficial for service users who would otherwise remain in hospital
  • It provides a practical solution where more than 45 hours of care per week are being provided
  • It is a personalised service that is focused on positive outcomes and the long term reduction of service user need

Who benefits from reablement care?

  • Hospital in-patients who could be safely discharged home if safe support were in place
  • Clients who require high levels of domiciliary care and or sleeping/waking nights
  • Clients who need to re-learn essential personal and daily living skills, as it is costed on a weekly rather than hourly basis
  • Clients who are experiencing confusion following illness/infection who would otherwise be unsafe to be left alone

Why chose Agincare?

Agincare is a nationwide provider of care services and specialises in live-in reablement care with enablers trained to encourage, and support and outcome focused with effective monitoring mechanisms.

Rapid Response

Agincare have a good reputation for providing a rapid, responsive and personalised live-in reablement care service to our public sector partners. We currently deliver services to over 40 Local Authorities and CCGs throughout England and Wales. We can ensure that we always have a bank of trained staff available to consistently and promptly provide high quality care for your clients.

We have consistent access to our team of assessors and aim to complete care assessments within 24 hours of contact. We are particularly responsive in emergency situations and can swiftly provide a package of care from the initial contact. We are committed to providing practical and affordable solutions which enable people to return to or remain in their own homes.

All of our packages of reablement care are based solely on the individual assessment of the needs of the client and start from £795 per week with an average cost of £875 per week.

Hospital discharge - an outline of the discharge procedure

Each hospital will have its own discharge policy based on guidance from the Government. You can request a copy of the hospital’s discharge policy from the ward manager or from the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) department of the hospital.

Hospital discharge planning should start as soon as you are admitted. It is important to let the hospital staff know as early as possible if you are thinking of using our live-in care service to help speed up your discharge. A discharge coordinator should be available to coordinate the planning process. They will act as a key person for you to contact to find out what the discharge plans are.


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