What is live-in care?

Published: Tuesday 19th May 2020

If we asked you to name different types of care, what would you say? If this were a question on TV’s ‘Pointless’, chances are most people would think of home care or care homes. It’s likely that fewer people would come up with 24-hour live-in care – it might even be a pointless answer!

We want to change that, and spread the word on why 24-hour live-in care is such a great care option for lots of people.

What does 24-hour live-in care mean?

Live-in care does exactly what it says on the tin. A professional care worker is matched to you, your care needs and your situation. They come and live with you, giving you one-to-one support seven days a week, in the comfort of your own home.

How does live-in care work?

You carry on living at home, which means you can keep your normal routine, as much as possible. Friends and family can visit whenever you want. Just because you need care and support, it shouldn’t mean you have to give up doing all the things you love.

The 24-hour care provided by your care worker gives your loved ones great peace of mind. You’re not alone in the house. And if you suddenly need help at night, there’s already someone on hand.

Reassurance also comes in the shape of the Care Quality Commission, which has rated all three of our live-in care regional teams as ‘Good’.

What live-in care services might a care worker provide?

Exactly how your care worker supports you will depend on your particular level of need. What we can say is that it will be a bespoke package of care, designed for you.

Your live-in care worker could help you get dressed in the morning, do the shopping for you, feed the dog, or drive you to medical appointments. It all depends on you, because everyone is different.

Our care workers are also experienced in supporting people with higher levels of need, such as dementia.

Caroline is living with Alzheimer’s. Her daughter took the time to talk to us about the difference her mum’s live-in care worker Matthildi makes to Caroline’s quality of life. She described Matthidi joining her mum as her live-in care worker almost three years ago as ‘a real game-changer’.

Is live-in care simply 24-hour homecare?

Live-in care is more than 24-hour home care. Many of our live-in care workers become part of the family, accompanying those they care for on holiday and attending family celebrations.

Read Connie and Elena’s story, of how a well-matched live-in care worker became a cherished friend and support.

How would you choose my live-in care worker?

The road to live-in care starts with us talking to you about the kind of person you’d like as a care worker. Because a care worker would live in your home, we put a great deal of effort into understanding your care needs, your interests and your personality.

We then search through our extensive pool of live-in care workers, to find the right one for you. This part of the process is done by one of our experienced team, not by a computer. We work hard to maintain our customer satisfaction ratings and meet our quality standards.

Watch this short video of our live-in care client, Mrs Hill explaining the difference her live-in care workers have made to her life.

How much does live-in care cost?

Generally, the cost of live-in care is comparable to a care home. It is designed to be a real alternative to people not wanting to leave their own home, as you don’t have to sell your home to fund your live-in care.

We’ve created a live-in care cost calculator to give you a no-obligation indication of the appropriate level and cost of live-in care.

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