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Overnight care

We know that people don’t only need care from 9-5 on weekdays. That’s why we have an overnight care service, so there’s a care worker on hand to support you - whatever your needs are.

Good sleep is a fundamental human need. Knowing there’s a compassionate and professional care worker in your house can give you the peace of mind to get a good night’s rest. This helps recharge both your body and mind.

What will an overnight care worker do?

  • Having someone on hand means that there’s someone being watchful and aware if you need any support overnight
  • They can help you take your medication when you need it - even if that’s in the early hours of the morning
  • Your care worker can help you to the toilet - which can sometimes be disorienting in the middle of the night
  • Or if you’re recovering from illness or an operation, they can regularly reposition you
  • Night-time can be time when people living with dementia can become disoriented and confused. Having an overnight care worker in the house can provide peace of mind for the whole family

Types of overnight care

Depending on your care needs, we have an overnight care solution to suit you:

We can also provide an overnight respite (sometimes called sitting) service. One of our trained care staff supports you overnight while your regular carer takes a well-deserved break. We can arrange this for as often as you and your carer need it.

Talk to our expert team on 0800 0121 247 about how overnight care could make a difference to your life, or email us, and we’ll call you back.


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