Why person-centred dementia care matters

September 1, 2021

At Lansdowne Hill care home, Wroughton (near Swindon), rated outstanding by the CQC – dementia care is one of the specialties offered by our team.

Our dementia care is personal

Dementia is an umbrella term describing a variety of symptoms linking to the slowing of brain function. Alzheimer’s disease presents many of these symptoms, and different types of dementia are present in many other conditions.

As a result, the common understanding may not fit with a single individual’s experience of it. Understanding how much this can vary per person is the starting point to good care. With the correct individual-focused assessment, a bespoke care plan can be made that welcomes input from loved ones.

Our specialist dementia teams are trained to meet each resident exactly where they are in their experience, and take it from there.

What is reminiscence therapy?

One thing that may be helpful to all cases, however, is reminiscence therapy – introduced in this video by Jacqueline Ash, Lansdowne Hill’s Activities Coordinator.

Reminiscence therapy uses each client’s own life story as mental stimulation. Therefore, if a client has enjoyed a career as a painter, this might include offering them an easel, canvas, brush and encouragement in a relaxed environment.

Because participating in the activities we love is a good way to activate memory, we see the benefits every day.

Care tailored to you

Jacqueline takes the time to get to know each client and understand their stories. She is also involved with the Culture Box study, exploring the link between mental stimulation and art for people with dementia.

We know that no two journeys are identical. This means that, during reminiscence, Jacqueline is well-equipped with personalised activities to stir individual memories.

Putting people first means that our team can help bring a person back to a time they’ve loved, and it makes a world of difference – even if for a short while.

Speaking about reminiscence therapy in this interview, Jacqueline says that the effects are visible:

“The residents enjoy skittles, playing cards… they reminisce during activities – especially things like gardening, baking – about what they’ve done in the past. It brings back those memories.”


We are committed to being a frontrunner in providing excellent dementia care. Our experienced staff tailor professional and compassionate care to you.

There is currently no cure for dementia. However, many people with dementia live well for years after their diagnosis. We are here to help.

What dementia care does Agincare offer?

We offer three types of care for people living with dementia:

Call us now on [responsetap] to talk to our team about how we can support you or a family member with personalised care.

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