How to choose the right live-in care experience for your loved one

June 9, 2020

If you’re looking for live-in care at home for a family member, a quick Google search might well be your first step.

However, rather than helping you to narrow your choices, any internet search will throw thousands of live-in care results at you.

How do you sift through the options? What should you look out for? How do you choose between them? Let us help you navigate your way through the options for 24-hour care at home.

There are a number of key questions to ask when you’re narrowing your search. We’ll also be including a specific question on dementia care at home, in case that’s the kind of live-in care you’re looking for.

Live-in care worker

How long has the care provider been providing live-in care?

There’s a lot to be said for consistency. A care provider with years of experience providing 24 hour care at home will have honed its service, resulting in a well-tried and sustainable solution.

Agincare has been providing live-in care since 2003, building up a strong and stable service. And the company’s roots in the care industry go back even further – Agincare began when Derek Luckhurst bought his first care home in 1986.

Is the service registered with, and inspected and regulated by the CQC?

You need to be able to answer ‘yes’ to this one. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) registers, inspects and monitors services, publishing performance ratings to help people choose the best care options.

Each of Agincare’s three regional live-in care teams (South-West, South-East and Central) are rated ‘Good’ across all five areas by the CQC. The CQC’s reports give an insight into the services provided by each team, and how they are regarded by the inspectors, clients, relatives and staff.

The South-West team is described as kind and caring, with people speaking highly of the service they received.

All the people and relatives the CQC spoke to during their inspection of the Central team spoke highly of the service, saying they felt safe and well cared-for.

When the inspectors came into the South-East team they noted that care was delivered by staff who were well-trained and knowledgeable about people’s care and support.

How does the care provider  match its care workers to its clients?

Care is a ‘people’ business. That’s why at Agincare it’s a person who matches client and care worker, not a computer. We take the time to get to know our new live-in care clients. We want to fully understand their likes and dislikes, their care needs, how they like to spend their time and how they live.

Only by really getting to know them, can we confidently choose the best care worker for them. It’s worth making that extra effort, it makes all the difference.

What security is there if things don’t work out?

This is where Agincare’s service comes into its own. Ours is a fully-managed 24 hour care at home service. We – not our clients – employ and pay our care team members, which means we have a duty of care. For example, if your care worker is ill, it’s our job to find someone to replace them.

Introductory services are available from other live-in care providers, but they offer less protection and fewer guarantees for the same price.

What do people say about the service?

Reviews and recommendations have become a part of everyday shopping and decision-making. Choosing care is no different. Reading comments from people whose family members are receiving care and support helps to give you a real insight into a care provider and the quality of their service.

You can read reviews and ratings from clients and team members about Agincare services on Trustpilot  where our service is rated ‘Excellent’.

Do they offer 24 hour dementia care at home?

Dementia live-in care requires specialist dementia training. We provide different levels of dementia support, ranging from companionship care to complex dementia care.

Dementia care at home can make an incredibly positive difference to someone’s quality of life.

Is it all about live-in care for older people?

Depending on the age of your family member, some live-in care providers might not be able to support them. While the majority of our 24 hour care at home clients are older people, we also provide care for younger adults living with a physical disability or a learning disability.

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Finding the right live-in care

At Agincare, our expert care advisors are on hand to help you on the path to finding the right live in care for your loved one. Our live-in care can be tailored to suit your needs with traditional, flexible and respite care models.

When you enquire, one of our care advisors will be assigned to you, answering your questions and working with you to build a package of care based on your needs and requirements. With our expert team, finding the right live-in care couldn’t be easier.

Get started today by calling: 08081 754547 

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