Agincare celebrates art from care home residents with exclusive exhibition

February 15, 2023

A big thank you to all who came to our special one-day art exhibition on Valentine’s Day where we displayed artwork made by residents from Agincourt, Trafalgar, Crecy and Cheriton care homes in Weymouth and Dorchester.

The exhibition was at held at Pilgrim House at Brewer’s Quay in Weymouth’s historic Brewer’s Quay, overlooking the picturesque harbour.

We were delighted that members of the public got to see a selection of art produced by our residents of care homes in Weymouth and Dorchester – there was a real wealth of talent and creativity on show: from surreal dreamscapes, a trio of detailed sketches, a wonderful selection of still life and a stunning self-portrait.

One of the featured artists was Anne, a resident of Crecy Care Home that has been wowing team members and fellow residents alike with her vivid, animated paintings.

Anne had this to say of her paintings:

“I have been living with mental health issues for most of my life, through my painting I can express and calm myself. Helping me to de-clutter my mind and focus”.

Anne had a selection of her paintings on show, many in different styles and themes.

Crecy Care Home artist Anne and a selection of her paintings at the exhibition

Fellow Crecy artist and lifelong painter Tony, also had a selection of his paintings from over the years on display, including a recent work of a snow leopard.

Tony had this to say of his favourite pastime:

“I’ve done many things in my life but I was taught to paint in my younger years and it’s always helped me feel good”.

A selection of Tony’s paintings from over the years 

We also were thrilled that Cheriton residents Gerry, Kathy and Christopher, joined us to see their sketches on display. They were then presented each with a bouquet of flowers to mark their achievements.

Cheriton Care Home residents (from left) Gerry, Kathy and Christopher with Activities Co-ordinator Jo

The one-day exhibition was the passion project of Vicky Boursnell-Brooks, Registered Manager of Crecy Care Home in Weymouth. Having seen first-hand the brilliant paintings by Anne and Tony, Vicky was keen to show their work and those of our neighbouring care homes to the wider public

She had this to say of the exhibition:

“What I wanted to do with this exhibition was to showcase art made by people living in care homes or with mental health issues that often goes unseen by the public.

Art is often a release for our residents and the people we support at Crecy. It’s a real privilege to immerse yourself in another person’s viewpoint, especially to get a glimpse of how they perceive the world around them. 

“All the artists should be proud of the work they have produced. I was very moved by the art I saw and am delighted that their art was seen by members of the public”.

Click on the gallery below to take a look at some of the paintings from the exhibition.

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