With our live-in care teams, you’re in good hands

Published: Monday 27th July 2020

If you’re weighing up care options for a family member, you’re in good hands with our live-in care regional teams.

Live-in care offers people support in their own home. With a care worker living in the home and on hand all the time, people can keep their independence, social routines, pets and home comforts.

We spoke to Vicky Reid, who manages the South East team, to find out about her role, and why she believes live-in care is such a great solution for so many people.

‘Every day is different’

One of the things I love about my job is that every day is different. Care is all about the people, and I never know quite what my day will hold. That’s what makes the job so interesting – and sometimes challenging!

I’m always on the end of the line for clients, care workers and families. Talking to them, helping them and resolving any problems is very rewarding.

Although this is my first role in live-in care – I started here in September 2019 – I’ve been working in the care sector for 10 years. I began as a healthcare worker in domiciliary care – so I know how it feels on the frontline – and I understand the business completely.

It also means that I know what an amazing difference good care can make to people’s lives – both clients and their families.

A wide variety of live-in care workers

From the office we manage a fantastic team of 210 care workers of varying ages, nationalities and backgrounds. There really is a care worker to suit every client.

Our care workers have our clients’ best interests at heart. They look out for them every day, promoting their independence and supporting them to achieve their goals.

It offers real consistency of care. Our care team has been amazing throughout COVID-19. So many care workers have stayed with their clients, rather than returning home. Their commitment has been inspirational. It’s meant we’ve still been able to give our clients continuity of care – invaluable at such an uncertain time.

And it’s not just clients who appreciate the consistency that live-in care brings. We have one care worker who works a continuous cycle covering the breaks of three care workers. It works really well – we’ve planned the rota right into next year, so everyone knows who’ll be where, when.

Live in care worker and client

Live-in care: reassurance when you need it the most

Our clients are all different, too. The youngest is 18 and the oldest is 99.


Some people decide on elder live-in care because they want companionship. It gives families reassurance that someone’s there all the time to help and support, especially if relatives don’t live nearby. It’s particularly reassuring for families whose relatives are at risk of falling at home.

Dementia care

Dementia care at home is often something that families are looking for. Nearly half of our clients are living with some form of dementia.

Live-in care can really help reduce the worry and anxiety for relatives of people living with dementia. Knowing there’s always someone on hand with practical experience and knowledge of supporting someone living with dementia can make a world of difference.

Complex care

Other clients need 24-hour care at home, so two care workers are there every day. Everyone is different, so we arrange a care worker or workers to match a client’s particular situation.

From the office we keep in particularly close contact with client and care worker for the first few weeks. It’s a period of adjustment for everyone. Some people find it hard to have someone new come to live in their home. Others take to it like a duck to water.

If it’s clear that we need to bring in a different care worker, we do that. We sort out any teething problems and make sure the care package is right, so that client and care worker can forge a strong relationship.

Live-in care can be life-changing, offering people hope, dignity, support and friendship. I’m incredibly proud of the team and the service we provide to hundreds of people.

For more information about our live-in care service, please call us on 01305443115 (Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm).