Making friends in our Weymouth dementia care home: Angela and Greta’s story

February 21, 2022

Trafalgar, our Weymouth dementia care home, provides its residents more than home comforts. For many, arriving at a care home simply means settling in to a new and more secure residence. This can mean leaving behind familiarity, family, and friends – which is why we go the extra mile. Our fantastic teams make sure homes are not just places to live, they are places to enjoy life.

We forge real communities right at each resident’s doorstep, and, sometimes, these bonds can even become hugely beneficial to a person’s care.

Angela and Greta are a perfect example of this.

Firm friends at our Weymouth dementia care home

Trafalgar residents Angela and Greta laughing

Angela, 92, and Greta, 90, have been beloved residents of Trafalgar care home since 2021, and firm friends since they first met. Angela, local to Dorset, is dignified and charming, eloquent to speak to and graceful in every way. Greta, hailing from Reading, is expressive and witty, with a mischievous smile and a sunny warmth. Both women live with dementia, and according to Trafalgar’s new manager, Zoe Price, they are rarely seen apart:

If one comes down to breakfast before the other, she’ll ask after her and make sure she’s on her way. They’re so lovely, and they’re joined at the hip.

– Zoe

When asked about their lives at Trafalgar, the pair are passionate about their happiness.

It’s beautiful here, it’s unusual – the building. The staff are very kind and very helpful, we’re treated nicely. I feel like I’m on holiday!

– Greta

“They make you feel at home. You can trust them, for example, if you tell them anything confidential, it will be confidential. They’re always coming up and asking us how we are and whether we’d like tea,” explains Angela.

Greta continues her thought; “they always engage us in something. I love not cooking – the meals here are lovely.”

Occasionally in the conversation, Greta expresses uncertainty over a specific detail; a date, place, or time, and she turns to her friend. Immediately Angela offers her assistance. She clarifies the detail, this puts Greta visibly at ease, and the two laugh about it. From time to time, the favour is returned, and it’s a joy to see.

While speaking, Angela is handed the phone – a relative calling about some good family news – and afterwards she notes that their families do visit often, which delights them.

It will be so nice to go on another trip out together soon, the staff are good here and organise everything for us.

– Angela

Trafalgar resident Greta laughing in an armchair

Family and community at Trafalgar

Trafalgar Manager Zoe is proud of her visitor record, and of how much contentment the pair find in life. “Both Angela and Greta’s families visit religiously. On a more average day you’ll find the two of them in the garden, they love spending time there.”

Loved ones are always welcome, and even though we’ve recently broken our visitor record, we are even prouder to know that new loved ones can be found within the homes themselves.

Dementia care from the heart

In the case of Angela and Greta, the bond they’ve formed at Trafalgar means that as well as receiving our expert dementia care, they support each other unconditionally. Sharing a similar perspective, they navigate life together with sensitivity and encouragement.

The team at Trafalgar are very proud to care like we do, as a dementia care home we know that activities are fantastic for engaging people’s minds, soothing people who may be anxious, there’s a lot to be said for how well our team provides stimulation. We do group activities such as singalongs, arts and crafts, manicures and knitting circles.

– Zoe

It’s clear that the team at Trafalgar has a lot to take pride in, and stories like Angela and Greta’s are a testament to this.

When told that the two will feature in this Agincare blog, they are thrilled.

Greta laughs; “Could we be famous? I don’t feel like we’ve done anything special.”

This tickles everyone in the room, and Angela shakes her head in disagreement. “Oh, we have!


Find out more about Trafalgar Care Home

Trafalgar Care Home is a real home for life in the seaside town of Weymouth in Dorset. We provide high-quality affordable residential, respite, palliative and end-of life care for people living with dementia and cognitive impairment. We know that each resident is different, and we offer a range of activities and menu options so every person feels happy, stimulated and cared-for.

As well as caring for our residents we care about their families too. Our door is always open for a chat, and our residents’ and families’ forum gives relatives a way to support each other.

Call us on 01305 897 831 to find out more. We’d love to introduce you to the home, our staff and our residents.

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