UK care jobs: meet our first cohort of Agincare International recruits

November 26, 2021

Established for over 35 years, Agincare has always been a diverse and multi-national company. Our workforce represents the best from around the world. In order to keep pace with our growth ambitions as a specialist care provider, we have recently invested substantially to further develop our links around the world.

Our home care and live-in care divisions are UK Government-approved sponsors for skilled workers, and the process of supporting staff through their sponsorship journey is managed by our specialist global recruitment arm, Agincare International Ltd.

In October, five sponsored skilled staff embarked on a journey across the world to arrive at Agincare’s headquarters on Portland in Dorset; each with a dream to continue their professional development in the UK, with a company that could offer them the opportunities that they seek.

They have been warmly welcomed by Agincare International’s Lead Director, Dan Steadman, and Operations Director, Joju Thomas, before commencing their training and induction into the Agincare family.

Agincare offers a full support package for our sponsored colleagues, including airport transfer, accommodation, a welcome pack and mentor service, induction training, and training and support throughout the sponsored migrant’s career.

We are delighted to introduce you to our new colleagues and the individual, diverse journeys that have brought each of them to opportunities in Agincare.

Reeja’s story

Reeja, 34, hails from Thiruvalla, India. She is the mother of two beautiful daughters, and married to a priest of the Indian Orthodox Church.

She has four degrees: a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, a post graduate degree in Counselling Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, and a Bachelors of Law Degree. Reeja also has a career as a motivational speaker.

Reeja’s first role in health and social care was in an Intensive Care Unit in India. However, after a conversation with one patient about the bond of respect and gratitude he had with his live-in care worker, Reeja reconsidered her path.

She explained, “The way she looked after him, the way she gave care; that struck me as a sharp contrast to what I experienced as a ward nurse. That was the same day I decided to move from the hospital industry to the care industry.”

Since then, she has been promoted to the position of Operations Manager and now, a decade later, is delighted to be in the UK, commencing her Agincare career.

After researching UK care jobs, Reeja found similar values within Agincare and those first impressions have continued very positively;

The dignity they’ve shown me is amazing, from the airport to today. It’s all been amazing. I always think that a recruiter shows you the face of a company, and Joju and Jenny have shown us that. They’ve been pampering us like their own children! I have just been going through an amazing experience.

Jincy’s story

Jincy, 32, is from Kerala in India. In making the trip to the UK, she temporarily leaves behind her husband and 4-year-old son who she hopes will join her on a family visa.

In India, Jincy worked as a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit, as a career in health and social care had always been an ambition of hers.

Jincy discovered Agincare through her sister and brother-in-law who have already benefitted from UK care jobs; her sister has worked as a nurse in Portsmouth for seven years, alongside her husband who is a Care Assistant. Jincy explained how:

My sister looked for jobs for me online. She saw an advert for Agincare on Facebook and then I looked online and watched videos on Youtube. They are one of the best companies here and are a very caring, family-owned business.

Jincy knows this is her opportunity to gain her UK nursing qualification through her sponsorship with Agincare. She described how easy the sponsorship process has been thanks to the support of the Agincare International team; particularly Operations Director, Joju, and Recruitment Business Partner, Jennifer.

I was working at the same time and Joju and Jennifer were there to help me when I needed it. They made it so easy.

The Agincare values, which Jincy had seen exemplified in Youtube videos, proved true in her own experiences to date. Agincare arranged accommodation and continues to assist her and her colleagues with administrative tasks such as setting up bank accounts or getting a phone.

These are just small details in Agincare’s larger relocation package which sees employees from abroad receive established support and mentoring, not only in their roles, but in their settlement.

Tiji’s story

For Tiji, 40, a care job in the UK is an opportunity to progress her career and reunite her family.

For 9 years, Tiji has been separated from them to pursue a career as a senior nurse and team leader in the Cardiology Department at a Kuwaiti hospital. With her husband, her two sons aged 11 and 13 remain in India, but will join her on a family visa once they are eligible.

Explaining her desire to do care work in the UK, Tiji said:

My sister and her husband are here, and I want to bring my family here. This means they can come and we can all be together, and I can establish a career with Agincare.

Thanks to Tiji’s extensive nursing training and experience in Kuwait, she brings a wealth of skills and knowledge to Agincare. Over the coming year, she hopes to pursue the pathways of training and career progression within Agincare, to establish a new, united life for her and her family in the UK.

Saji’s story

Saji, 39, has worked as a nurse in Calcutta and a care worker in Mumbai.

He set out to complete a Diploma for General Nursing and Midwifery in 2006 and then began work in a Calcutta hospital. There, he worked for two years as a staff nurse before moving to Mumbai to work as a home care and live-in care assistant for the next 12 years.

Along the way, he was constantly gaining invaluable experience within dementia and end-of-life care. When it came time for a change, Saji found Agincare;

I was looking for a job abroad, and it’s been my dream to work in the UK. I wanted to move here for better personal and career development. Agincare, after my research, I heard about as one of the biggest care providers for home care and retirement homes. I’ve heard much about their care for clients and staff from reviews online, and I’m really looking forward to working within Agincare.

Saji’s wife is a staff nurse in an operation theatre at a hospital in South Africa, and their 5-year-old son lives back home with his grandmother in Kerala. With support from Agincare, Saji plans to open a new chapter for his family in the UK.

Like Jincy and Tiji, Saji sees a career with Agincare is an opportunity to develop and grow. The pathway of services and avenues for career progression mean that Saji can take his career further.

Within Agincare, I wish to dial-up my career, step-by-step, to apply for more opportunities.

Priyanga’s story

Priyanga, 38, sees coming to the UK as a step towards a lifelong dream.

“I am excited. It has been my ambition to work in the UK.”

Her husband and three children, aged 3, 9 and 12 live in India, but hope to accompany Priyanga in the UK very soon once she is established within Agincare.

Priyanga previously worked in the UK for two years in 2010. In India, she was a health and social care clinical inspector, and now dreams of taking on a nursing or management position within Agincare.

With a wealth of experience and expertise in the care sector, Priyanga aims to further her career with Agincare and fulfil that lifelong dream.

It has been my passion and desire to come to the UK. It is to give my family more opportunities. My daughter loves British culture, also. She watches British movies, likes British songs and competitions. She is very excited to come here.

None of this, Priyanga explained, would have been possible without Regional Business Partner Jennifer, and Operations Director, Joju, who supported her through the application process.

On her arrival in the UK, Priyanga, along with her colleagues, was greeted by Agincare at the airport and made to feel at home in accommodation provided for them. Over the two weeks of training at Agincare HQ, Agincare International remained on hand daily to assist with concerns and mentor them through the experience.

UK care jobs – we’re here to help

If your dream is to work in the UK, Agincare International could be your path to making that a reality.

Agincare International facilitates our global recruitment, and is prepared to help you every step of the way.

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