Social care jobs – are you looking for work?

March 26, 2020

Could you be a social care hero? During the coronavirus outbreak we’re determined to continue to deliver essential services to those who rely on our care. So we’re looking to recruit hundreds of people for social care jobs across England in home care, live-in care and care homes.

Care worker and client Victory Care home

Supporting people in our communities

Our Head of HR, Amy Crabb, explains:

“Our care staff are amazing people, dedicated to supporting some of the most vulnerable members of our local communities.

They are playing a a critical role – without them the NHS would be put under even more pressure than it is now. But while it feels like our care staff possess superpowers, they are not superhuman.

During this coronavirus outbreak many of our staff will naturally have to look after family members, will need to self-isolate or will fall ill themselves. While we continue to support our staff during this difficult time, we’re determined that none of our clients will be left unsupported. That’s why we’re looking to bolster our teams now.

Care staff in front of Portland Harbour

A social care job to suit everyone

“Perhaps you’re actively looking for work and are brand-new to care. Or maybe you’ve recently retired from care work but want to join our social care heroes to play your part during this national emergency.

Whatever your situation, we want to hear from you. Our different types of care mean there’s a rewarding and valuable social care job to suit everyone – from going into someone’s home to help them for an hour or so a day, to living in someone’s house seven days a week, or working in one of our care or nursing homes.

Male live in care worker

Come join the team!

“Agincare recently came third in Indeed’s ranking of the best private sector companies to work for in the UK, and was the only care company to feature in the Top 25. We’ll support you and make sure you have the skills you need for your new role.

And our social care jobs aren’t just for the duration of the coronavirus outbreak. We’re always looking for great people. Whether you’re looking for temporary work or a longer-term career in social care, go to our careers website and come join our team!”

Find out more about social care careers and apply online.

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