Live-in care teams compete to be crowned best cressed!

July 30, 2021

Haven’t you herb? Live-in care’s cress competition has a winner!

Organised by the South West regional office team, live-in care assistants were invited to compete in order to see who would achieve ultimate cress success.

Giving it a grow

Many of our live-in care assistants are wonderful cooks, but as for gardening, lots were going in green.

For live-in clients, care assistants represent nutrition as well as support, and mealtimes are one of the best ways to enjoy company and community.

Because the idea combined fun with nourishment, our care assistants were invited to opt-in, and reap some rewards. Packets of seeds were sent out to each of the competitors, and the rest was up to them.

Our live-in team blew us away with these healthy and beautiful cress arrangements. Here are just a few of the submissions which have all been outstanding – well done everyone!

Thankfully, despite it being a competition, nobody was too cressed out. The joy of being able to eat the entries may have had something to do with that.

Cressing the finish line

As with all competitions, there had to be a winner. After careful judging, the prize for best cressed went to Gina and her client, Ms K!

The winning entrée depicted a rural scene with whimsy and wildlife peeking out from a meadow of green. Gina had high praise of the experience.

There were very beautiful entries from the other competitors, I think everyone did a very good job. We enjoyed it a lot from the moment we saw the envelope.

– Gina, Live-In Care Assistant and Cress Champion

“I immediately came upstairs and showed Kathleen (who likes to be called Sue) and we thought about what we could do with it. We tried to grow them in eggshells at first, but that didn’t look very good! We then used some decorations of my client’s, like the little windmill, then thought, let’s create a story! Let’s give the cress to the cows!”

Despite at first making a cress of it, Gina and Ms K’s final design to gave herbs to the herd, and the cress was crowned!

Prizes were awarded to Gina and Ms K – a box of indulgent chocolates and trophy each.

“Thank you ever so much from me and Ms K. We are so happy about the news,” says Gina about their victory.

Crafting with care

We’re always proud of our team members who go the extra mile. Sophie Rodd, Office Administrator for South West Live-In Care, sewed the seeds for this event, and to our care assistants’ and client’s delight, has much more planned.

I have had a wonderful time organising our first competition. Receiving the pictures from all the care workers and their clients has been great – even the office staff got involved! I can’t wait to see everyone’s efforts for our next competition in Autumn!

– Sophie Rodd, Office Administrator

Tipped for Autumn’s fun is a poppy-themed craft competition, and traditional paper chains are on the agenda for December.

As for now, time for some well-earned cress and relaxation!

What live-in care offers

  • One-to-one, personalised support, 24 hours a day, to meet all your individual needs
  • Staying in your own home, alongside any family or pets
  • Keeping your independence and continuing to be part of your local community, with your social life and timetable
  • The companionship of your live in carer, helping prevent isolation and loneliness
  • Support with getting the medication, nutrition and hydration you need
  • Care taken of domestic chores such as cooking, cleaning and laundry
  • Lowered risk of falls and hospitalisation
  • Peace of mind for your family and loved ones that may not be local, knowing help is at hand 24/7

Last year’s live-in care survey results are a powerful endorsement of the positive difference we make to people’s lives.

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