How live-in care is slowing Alzheimer’s decline

May 21, 2024

Watching your loved ones get older can be difficult, especially if they are experiencing mental as well as physical decline. Across the UK, more than 944,000 people currently living with dementia according to NHS statistics and, as we age, the risk of developing symptoms increases.

Although not preventable, the symptoms of dementia can be slowed with the right kind of support. That’s where live-in care comes in. Live-in care is revolutionising how people living with diseases that cause dementia symptoms such as Alzheimer’s are cared for.

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s

If your loved one has received an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, it may be time to think about the care options available. For many, a care home seems like the next step. However, removing your loved one from their home, their possessions and local community can actually speed up their symptoms.

While a care or nursing home can provide around the clock care from a professional team, the unfamiliar surroundings often increase disorientation and the risk of falls. What’s more, without their possessions and associated links to the past, memory is also at risk of decline.

At home Alzheimer’s live-in care

Fortunately, there is another way.

In recent years, at home live-in care has emerged as a valuable and supportive service for individuals living with varying conditions that exhibit dementia symptoms, including Alzheimer’s.

Live-in care sees a highly trained care worker move in with your loved one to provide 24-hour, personalised care and support whenever it’s needed. Live-in care workers are hand selected to ensure they share hobbies and interests with your loved one and can provide support with personal care, household tasks, cooking, shopping, trips out and more.

Through bespoke, one to one care at home, your loved one could start receiving care without leaving their home or disruption to their routine.

Personalised Alzheimer’s care

Due to the one-to-one nature of live-in care, this option ensures your loved one receives personalised care bespoke to their specific needs.

Live-in care workers are carefully matched to your loved one and selected by them from a range of profiles. When they move in, your care worker will receive guidance from a comprehensive care plan agreed with you and is always available to accommodate additional requests or address any concerns or preferences you may have as a family.

With live-in care, your loved one is encouraged to continue living life how they want to, regardless of their Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Want to try a new food? Their care worker can find the recipe and make it for, or with, them. Want to enjoy a day out, or a weekend away? They can make that happen too.

Encouraging independence and cognitive stimulation

Through this personalised approach, live-in care promotes independence and autonomy which can help slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Live-in care workers work to personalised care plans that incorporate cognitive exercises, memory games, and social interactions to keep the brain active. Although there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, when patients participate in stimulating activities, the result is often an improved outlook; leading to a better mental state and even a slowing of cognitive decline.

Additionally, live-in care workers provide companionship, engaging in meaningful conversations and emotional support.

Flexible Alzheimer’s care at home

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s is often emotionally and physically demanding for family members. As well as full time support options, live-in care can also be on a flexible or respite basis, allowing family caregivers to take a break, rest, and recharge. This reduces caregiver burnout and provides families with the energy they need to remain engaged while spending time with their loved ones.

Additionally, live-in care workers provide guidance and education to family members, gifting them the knowledge and skills necessary to manage the challenges associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Live-in care from Agincare

Agincare is one of the nation’s leading family-owned providers of live-in care, supporting families and their loved ones through high-quality, bespoke care for over 36 years. Their expert team of care professionals, field care supervisors, coordinators and advisors are located across England.

With a quick and easy process, you can arrange care for your loved one with just a quick phone call. From the moment you enquire, an expert care advisor will be assigned to you and will support you through the process, including setting up a free, no-obligation assessment and providing you with a choice of care workers.

Call us today on: 08081 753395 to talk to a care advisor about live-in care and get started.

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