How families can live it up with live-in care!

September 24, 2021

Last week, live-in care worker, Tasheca (Tash) accompanied Mr Davies and his family for a very special meal at their local Pub. Mr Davies (front left of the image) frequently enjoys getting out and socialising. He likes to go book shopping and out for meals with family and friends.

However, this meal was a little more special. His daughters were able to join him, and with the help of Tash (centre right), they celebrated a wonderful evening together.

Hazel, one of Mr Davies’ two daughters, explained:

My sister lives in South Wales. When she came down to visit, she took us all out for dinner and we invited Tash. She supports my Dad and we think of her as part of the family.


Tash’s story

Tash, 32, began her placement in June last year. As a live-in care worker, she provides one-to-one 24-hour care for Mr Davies in the security of his own home. The type of care can vary based on the client’s personalised plan dictated by an initial care assessment.

Although originally covering for another care worker, there was an immediate connection between her, Mr Davies and his family and so they requested that she take over full time.

Tash moved to the UK from Jamaica just over four years ago. Her career in care however, is more recent having joined Agincare at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. She explained:

It was at the start of Covid that I changed jobs. I used to be a sales assistant but became a carer so I could help people. I didn’t have a lot of money, but I knew I could make a difference and be a carer for someone.

-Tash, Live-in Care Assistant

When talking to Tash, her passion for helping others is clear. She is soft spoken, compassionate and humble.

Although new to being a live-in care worker, she described how she knew what it meant to care from a young age:

I have always had a caring nature. I used to care for my grandma back in Jamaica so I gained experience when I was very young. It is something I naturally like doing.

-Tash, Live-in Care Assistant

Part of the family

For families, live-in care can be a welcome support, reducing the pressure that comes with having to care for a loved one.

It is common for many in this position to feel like they have lost their true role within the family dynamic. The presence of a professional care worker however, can help family members to retain those important roles and connections.

This has proved true for the Davies family who have made a special place for Tash within their hearts. Hazel described how:

We see her as a very important part of the family. We take care of her. It’s a joint effort to look after elderly parents so we support each other.


With live-in care, that sense of connection is prevalent. The care worker is there to support not just the client, but the family; helping them to make the most of the precious moments and easing the pressures of care duties.

A rewarding career

The 24-hour service that Tash, and others across the country provide, means that families always have a familiar face providing care; making it easy for them to stay up-to-date and build a relationship with the care worker.

It is these relationships which, Tash explains, make live-in care such a rewarding career.

The great thing about live-in care is that you get to build relationships. You get to know the person receiving care and be a friend. It feels like you’re doing something really positive.

-Tash, Live-in Care Assistant

Outings, such as Mr Davies going out for a meal with his family, are made possible by the benefits that live-in carers such as Tash provide.

Care needs people like Tash. People with compassion and kindness, with a natural disposition towards helping others.

If you are considering a career in care, take that first step and make a difference to someone’s life, as well as your own.

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