Home care is on hand to help older friends and relatives

January 8, 2020

In a busy world we don’t always get to visit older relatives and friends as often as we’d like. So when we do see them – at Christmas or during the holidays for instance – it can be striking how much they, and the support they need, may have changed.

Home care for older people

Home care can really help elderly people stay living independently at home.

We’ve been delivering high-quality, affordable and reliable home care for more than 30 years, all tailored the needs of each person we support. We really understand that value of having someone to help with day-to-day tasks or simply to stop and have a chat.

Reducing loneliness and isolation

Feeling alone and isolated can have a serious effect on your health, leading to depression and a decline in physical health. According to Age UK 3.6 million older people in the UK live alone, of whom over 2 million are aged 75+. And 1.9 million older people often feel ignored or invisible.

Having a home care worker come in to see you on a regular basis can make such a difference. Having a cup of tea and chat, being able to listen and share stories – this simple social interaction can be a real lifeline.


Being connected to your community is a vital way to reduce loneliness. Our home care offices have lots of stories about how our staff make a difference …

Tracy – a care worker from our Chippenham office – was concerned one of the people she supports was at risk of feeling isolated between her home care visits. Tracy found a local church which holds coffee mornings. She makes time at the end of her visits to drop the lady off at the church and then goes back later to pick her up.

Lillian hadn’t left her house in more than five years. With the perseverance and encouragement of her care workers from our Bridport office, Lillian started to go out to Lyme Regis every Friday to have fish and chips on the seafront. Lillian’s care workers accompanied her in their own time. Friday soon became Lillian’s favourite day of the week.

Being there for mealtimes

Finding your family member has lost weight is worrying, but not unusual. Older people living alone can often find it hard to motivate themselves to cook nutritious meals. Sometimes, moving heavy saucepans around can be too much for them. Or preparing food and clearing away and washing up afterwards can all seem like too much effort.

Home care is a great way to make sure your older friend or relative is eating and drinking properly. Our care workers can prepare meals, clear and tidy the kitchen or simply get shopping done to make sure there are tasty things on hand to eat.

As well as being unable to prepare meals, older people living alone can lose interest in actually eating and drinking enough. Our friendly and professional home care staff are experienced in encouraging people to eat, making sure they’re not going hungry and that they’re well-hydrated.

Monitoring medication

As we get older, it can be hard to remember to take medication when we need to. Our home care team can set up a routine of visits that helps your relative remember to take their medication when they need to. A home care worker can also help with other things that might get forgotten – like attending appointments, or paying bills.

Helping with personal care

Having the confidence and motivation to get washed and dressed, brush teeth and put on clean clothes is fundamental to our personal emotional and physical well-being. But it’s not always as easy as it sounds.

A home care worker can come in every morning to help your relative get out of bed and ready for the day. They can also come back again in the evening to help with the bedtime routine.

We understand that feeling well cared-for makes such a difference.

Read more about our the difference our home care service makes to people’s lives, and find your local branch.

24-hour live-in care

You or your loved-one may want a care worker on hand all the time. That’s where our cost-effective and personalised live-in care service comes in. It gives you the reassurance and convenience of 24-hour one-to-one live-in support in your own home.

Comfortable and affordable care homes

At Agincare we provide a wide range of care options. As well as home care and live-in care, you can find out more about our residential care homes.

Home care jobs

Are you looking for a rewarding career in domiciliary care? Find out more and view our current job vacancies to make a positive difference to others. Come join the team!

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