St Peter’s Park to Spain! Our Bexhill care home activities reach new heights

Published: Monday 24th October 2022

At St Peter’s Park, our Bexhill care home activities are a way of life. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile, or air mile in this case…

Armchair travel is a much-loved regular activity for our care & nursing homes, it involves learning about the world from the comfort of your seat. Because we see how much residents enjoy it, our Activities Coordinators will often show pictures, give souvenirs, host language lessons and more.

However, fun at St Peter’s Park has reached new heights. The brilliant care team, led by Activities Coordinators Lucy and Oliver, made certain of it. Our brand new AginAirlines opened its gates to our VIRs (very important residents), and boarding began for Spain!

Our Bexhill care home activities take flight!

Specially printed passports and boarding passes were given to each globetrotting resident, and the home’s beautiful lounge was transformed ingeniously into an airport terminal. Instantly this was met with delight, and residents June and Joyce were eager to praise.

Residents loved remembering their own travels. Reminiscence therapy is fantastic for mental stimulation and is loved by many of our homes, and reminiscence of this kind is all the more immersive. Activities Coordinator Lucy recalls:

Our resident June said it was a lovely day, she loved being able to pretend that we were actually in Spain. She particularly enjoyed seeing the view from the airplane as she would always get a window seat when she flew!


Joyce said she loved being able to reminisce about holidays she has been on.

However, the real surprise came when the care team appeared in full cabin-crew uniform! The team had taken on the roles of pilot and flight attendants.

Oliver, our other Activities Coordinator, and two care team members, Val and Tina, all dressed up. It was wonderful to see how happy and engaged the residents were on their ‘trip’!


– Lucy, Activities Coordinator

Finally, when safety checks were done and seatbelts were fastened, AginAirlines took off! Soon on-board refreshments were offered in the form of Spanish biscuits, and the crew were on hand to cater to our pleased passengers.

After arriving in Spain, our armchair-travelling tourists began their trip. Flight attendants acted as tour guides and set up the television so residents could see the sights. Starting with fascinating videos about flamenco dancing, then onto video explorations of famous tourist destinations, residents were treated to the beautiful culture.

Sampling Spain from the comfort of home

After an exciting journey through Spain, it was time for a little siesta with a glass of sangria. Following this, the tour turned from sights to sensations, and the group enjoyed delicious tapas. During this a concert played by Julio Inglesias, who is an absolute favourite singer of many of the residents.

Because of this holiday’s success, Lucy says,

They all are very much looking forwards to our future travels and learning about places they haven’t been before. That doesn’t leave a lot, though, as June has been everywhere!


Lots of fun was had by all. We’re currently choosing our next destination.

Where would you love to travel?

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