Free flu vaccination for all frontline care teams

Published: Wednesday 23rd September 2020

As we head into winter, it is more important than ever that we act to protect ourselves from the potential impact of flu.

On average over 11,000 people die each year from flu. Some years it’s much more and many more are hospitalised each year. Research shows that people can catch both the flu and coronavirus at the same which could have serious consequences.

To help keep everyone safe and to support the NHS and social care teams by freeing up their resources to support patients with coronavirus, we are encouraging all of our frontline care workers to get their free flu jab.

Ask at your GP surgery or local pharmacy to see if you are eligible for the free flu jab. Adults who are not eligible for the free vaccination can pay privately. The vaccine costs up to £20.

There has been some media coverage about a shortage of the flu jab. Overall there is no shortage, enough has been ordered to vaccinate 30 million people. However, it is usual for manufacturers to stagger deliveries of vaccines so you may have to wait to receive your vaccination. This season, early demand for flu jab has been higher than usual due to concerns about the coronavirus pandemic. This means that some GP practices and pharmacies will have to ask people to wait whilst they wait for further deliveries. Your GP and local pharmacy should also be able to tell you when they expect their next deliveries and can book you an appointment. Pregnant women can ask their maternity provider for the free flu jab and some of those visiting hospitals, either as in- or out-patients may also be offered the flu jab there.

Find out more information about the flu jab