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Personal Assistants for Younger People

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Personal Assistants for Younger People

Agincare provides support workers for young adults, including those with higher levels of dependency due to illness or disability. We offer support so you can continue to live independently at home, engage in training, further education or simply go to work. Whether you are making the transition from school to college, or from university to the workplace our support service provides a full-time solution and is flexible enough to be a realistic and affordable alternative to other forms of support. As our service is fully managed you do not need to undertake the duties of an employer and you have the peace of mind of knowing your support worker’s holidays will be paid for and covered. They will have undergone all the required checks (eg DBS) and their training will be updated annually – all included in the reasonable weekly cost. The benefits of Agincare’s care and support include:

  • Round the clock care and support without the round the clock cost
  • One to one support
  • Your own support worker/s supporting you in your chosen lifestyle
  • You don’t have the responsibilities (and risks) of being an employer

Summary of services

  • Support is provided 24 hours a day 7 days a week*
  • You are in charge of the support you need and want
  • The services are available on a long term or short term (respite) basis
  • Our support managers can carry out as many checks on the service as you request
  • Support workers can do anything that is safe and legal that will help you to live the lifestyle you want
  • Support workers are carefully matched to your needs and preferences

Compare Agincare’s support service to the alternatives

Agincare full-time
support service
Hourly paid for support
(from an agency)
Privately employed
Personal Assistants
Costs from £695/week £15/hour, plus mileage and potential out of hours enhancements Cost varies from £450 - £550+ /wk. + NIC
Continuity of worker and choice of lifestyle Often less worker consistency and flexibility Continuity of worker and choice of lifestyle
**Funding available **Funding available Some funding is not available (ie CHC funding and those not on direct payments)
Choice, control and freedom Yes, subject to timings Choice, control and freedom
Agincare has the employer obligations The Agency has the employer obligation You have the responsibilities of being an employer
24 hour emergency personal on call, replacement of workers, holiday cover On call usually limited to 7am - 10pm Unless several employed, no back up, holiday cover, or on call service

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