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Supported living for young adults - information for commissioners

We deliver high quality, fully managed care for young adults by offering truly flexible packages of care, enabling people to exercise a strong element of personal choice in settings which are appropriate to their needs.

Our live-in care teams work around the country developing a sound knowledge and understanding of indivdual commissioner's needs which has allowed us to provide responsive and innovative solutions and services to overcome the barriers and obstacles being experienced today.

Our expertise

We build our support around each person’s needs and wishes and review and adapt this support regularly. We use a variety of best practice tools, techniques and approaches to achieve this vision. We have trained experts in successfully supporting people with complex needs, challenging behaviour and moving out from long-stay institutions to become more independent and become part of the local community. 

We are leaders in the area of complex needs support. Specifically:

  • Person-centred support
  • Active support
  • Positive behaviour support

Our training

Agincare, as a group, realises the importance of continual and on-going training for all staff and, as such, the group has its own dedicated company called Training Now to ensure our working practices and knowledge are fully up-to-date. Training Now delivers outstanding, inclusive and dedicated training to support the diverse, developmental progress of all our staff's needs and responding to the local and national economic care market, whilst supporting the Government's vision and strategies.

Enhanced Care

Recognising that no two care packages are indentical, we continually invest in people and knowledge to ensure that we are delivering the optimal care at all times. For example, Agincare was the first privately run organisation to employ a Consultant Admiral Nurse to further enhance our delivery of care to people with dementia and alzheimer's.

Agincare Health and Social Care Academy

Recognising the recruitment issues currently affecting the care industry, Agincare has has invested in a long-term ‘career in care’ for the students of Dorset. Working in conjunction with Weymouth College, the Agincare Health and Social Care Academy utilises our position as the largest independent health and social care employer in Dorset, coupled with our national presence, to support local education and key employment skills for the sector. 


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