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Support for young adults with a learning disability

We’re committed to giving young adults with a learning disability the support you need to be as independent as you want. We want you to have choice and control over how you live your life. And we’ll be with you every step of the way, so you can live a safe and happy life.

Why choose support from Agincare?

We work hard to help each person live life as they choose. It’s about living life with the same choice, rights and responsibilities as other citizens.

Our passionate and committed support workers are highly-trained. They have a wealth of experience in supporting young adults with a learning disability, including:

  • Helping with bathing and dressing
  • Reducing anxiety and helping to solve problems
  • Helping you stay in touch with family and friends
  • Getting you the right information so you can make choices
  • Supporting you with everyday tasks, such as menu planning, cleaning and budgeting

We’ve been supporting people with learning disabilities for many years. So we know that you may need help with some of these things:

  • Understanding information and instructions
  • Making decisions
  • Thinking about what might happen
  • Learning new skills
  • Making new friends

We know there are certain things that could help you feel more confident about what you can do to achieve your goals, like:

  • Setting up routines
  • Using simple communication
  • Using pictures, calendars, charts and simple lists
  • Having the time to understand
  • Making changes one step at a time

To find out more about Agincare’s support for young adults with a learning disability, call us on 0800 0121 247, or fill out our online contact form.

Our commitment to the Reach Standards

The Reach Standards are at the heart of our services for young adults with learning disabilities. These 11 standards set out what you can expect, as equal citizens, from us:

  1. I choose who I live with
  2. I choose where I live
  3. I have my own home
  4. I choose how I am supported
  5. I choose who supports me
  6. I get good support
  7. I choose my friends and relationships
  8. I choose how to be healthy and safe
  9. I choose how I am part of the community
  10. I have the same rights and responsibilities as other citizens
  11. I get help to make changes in my life

Maintaining independence

We understand that good quality support can be a deciding factor in helping you be independent and live in your own home. Through our home care service we can provide:

  • More opportunities to meet friends at weekends and evenings
  • More support to maintain friendships and social activities
  • More information on college courses
  • More information about available services
  • Inclusive activities
  • Extra information on the use of direct payments
  • More supported social activities, such as special interest groups
  • Responsive, flexible day service

Circles of support

Like anyone, you will have people that you’ve developed strong supportive relationships with - we call these people your circle of support.

These people may be:

  • Parents
  • Brothers or sisters
  • Other relatives
  • Family friends
  • Neighbours
  • Social workers
  • Advocacy workers
  • Volunteers
  • Paid carers
  • Friends

We know how important these people are in your life. So our support workers work with everyone in your circle to help you a full, independent and happy life.

To find out more about Agincare’s support for young adults with a learning disability, call us on 0800 0121 247, or fill out our online contact form.


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