Community-based living for young adults (Agincare Enable)

In 2018 we created a new member of the Agincare family – Agincare Enable – to provide specialist support for young adults with complex needs.

Community-based living for young adults (Agincare Enable)

We believe that helping someone gain more independence as part of the community is the best way for them to feel valued, needed and included.

At Agincare Enable we understand how to build the right support for people who would benefit from discharge from acute hospital settings, and those who are at risk of entering into acute hospital care.

Our specialist Enable staff

All the Agincare Enable staff are recruited for their positive attitude towards vulnerable people. We have a fantastic team of support workers, practitioners and coaches.

Our specialist support workers are highly skilled and experienced. Their person-centred approach is grounded in positive behaviour support, in order to reduce ongoing levels of need.

This means our support workers spend time getting to know the person they’re supporting very well. They really understand how that person views their surroundings and how they engage with the world. This translates into an understanding of the best way to encourage them to feel more confident in their abilities.

We constantly train our staff to make sure they provide quality support. All staff receive training in:

  • Positive behaviour support
  • Understanding learning disabilities, autism, epilepsy and ‘rescue remedies’
  • Emergency first aid at work (including resuscitation and using an AED)
  • Epilepsy and medication management
  • Specialist medicines
  • Safe handling
  • Anti-discriminatory practice
  • Safeguarding vulnerable people

We also encourage our support workers to gain their Level 2 and 3 Diplomas.

The focus of our support practitioners is collecting and analysing data around people’s anxieties and strategies. We recruit psychology graduates to worker with support workers to out strategies in place to reduce stress and anxiety.

Our support coaches come from a sports and fitness background. They encourage the people we support to take part in exercise and make healthier eating choices. Healthy living has a really positive impact on both physical and mental wellbeing.

Independence Court: supported living for young adults with complex needs

Independence Court is a detached property in a residential area of Medway. We’ve completely refurbished the building, creating five specially-adapted modern and individual flatlets for young people aged 16-25 and young adults aged 25+ with complex needs.

A second phase will introduce two single-person units onto the site. These units can either act as a stepping stone to more independent living or a dedicated, self-contained space for its resident to live apart from other people.

We support the people at Independence Court to individually build their confidence and life skills, depending on their capacity and ability. This is often about encouraging and supporting them to do daily activities in the local community, like shopping or catching the bus.

Some residents move in straightaway, while others take their time to move in more gradually. They each enjoy a level of independent living that’s right for them, safe in the knowledge that specialist support is on hand, should they need it.

The facilities at Independence Court

“We’ve designed the flatlets to feel like home. But once you’ve moved in, it’s your individual space to make your own.

“As you’d expect, each flat is equipped with assistive technology to help independent, yet supported, living. There are smoke and flood sensors, and monitors in case of falls or seizures.

“Our residents make the most of non-intrusive wearable technology, such as Apple watches, to check blood pressure or sugar levels. All the data is monitored by our call centre, who are proactive in recognising trends and liaising with our support workers.”

As well as the flatlets, there are communal areas: a shared lounge, kitchen and laundry area. And there’s a garden, with space to sit outside, and room for a barbecue.

The staffing at Independence Court

There are two support staff available throughout the waking day. More intensive support is available. We can work with you to make sure that the staff available are providing the level of support that you need.

At night there is one member of staff available immediately for any issues and to manage any unforeseen risks. A second member of staff sleeps on site and is available ‘on call’ in case of an emergency.

Our support is flexible, and available 24/7. and we constantly review how we can best support the residents of Independence Court.