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Stroke Care

Live in care for people who have had a stroke

A beautiful poem from the wife of a Resident at Gainsborough Care Home

You've been the love of my life for 50 plus years 
We've had laughter, joy and just a few tears
We have travelled a lot
Been here and there
And on the whole life was quite fair
Until the day you had your first stroke
I was scared and worried — it was no joke
Then Mr. Alzheimers entered our life
You didn't even know that I was your wife
You got progressively worse, your mind went blank
You couldn't remember things and to be frank

Stroke patient praises care home - Swindon Advertiser

IF IT hadn’t been for a fellow fisherman, Trevor McGlynn might not be around today to tell his tale. The 65-year-old had to be rescued after suffering a stroke while fishing at Flaxlands, in Royal Wootton Bassett on August 30. He fell into the water but fellow fisherman Glen Picton, was nearby and pulled him out and contacted the emergency services. It was this incident that changed his life and meant that he needed to temporarily move into a care home.

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"It's wonderful to be an important part of someone's life and make a real difference".

Jess from Nottingham

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