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Reablement using Live-in Care is for any condition which requires time for recovery. Before or whilst you are in Hospital you can arrange a reablement care plan to ensure a timely discharge from Hospital. All of our packages of care are based solely on the individual assessment of the needs of the client and start from £795 per week with an average cost of £875 per week.

Live-in Reablement & Rehabilitation Testimonial

SP had spent a long time in hospital. She had originally been admitted due to a fall where she fractured her neck of femur. SP went from the ward to the rehabilitation unit where unfortunately she fell and fractured both her wrists. This then required a further stay on the ward and then more time on the rehabilitation unit.

Live-in Reablement & Rehabilitation Case Study

It is almost certain that without the involvement of our team Mrs J would have ended up in a residential home or returned to hospital. Therefore, it is wonderful that she gets to stay in her familiar home environment as she wished. Her family have been converted and agree that she is safe at home, where she wants to be, and that she does not need to go into residential care. What an amazing result all round.

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"It's wonderful to be an important part of someone's life and make a real difference".

Jess from Nottingham

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