Our Agincare Enable team train to save lives

Published: Monday 16th August 2021

We are always proud of the initiative within our Agincare Enable team, dedicated to support for younger adults with complex needs. That is especially true at moments like this.

Lifesaving learning

Recently, Katie Webb, our Senior Service Manager, and Leanne Stockwell, Locality Manager, passed a Train the Trainer Course for the lifesaving administration of buccal midazolam.

Our Napier Day Service in Rochester welcomes a number of young adults with epilepsy, some of whom are prescribed buccal midazolam in the event of a prolonged seizure. This can be lifesaving, but training is required to administer it. Because of the pandemic, accessing face-to-face courses has been difficult.

The Train the Trainer Course

Leanne and the team were determined to learn this skill, and went the extra mile. They contacted Kent CCG, who offered the course free for two members of staff – Leanne and Katie.

The course assessed understandings of epilepsy, introduced different forms of buccal midazolam and taught how to administer it, before testing the ability to teach this to others. We are delighted to say that Leanne and Katie passed with flying colours and complements on their knowledge and teaching style.

This lifesaving measure can now be skillfully administered by our team in moments of absolute need – which came sooner than expected.

Put to the test

Just days after her training, Leanne was called upon to prepare buccal midazolam for an individual’s prolonged seizure. The medication has to be at the ready in advance of the recommended moment to use it, which Leanne was thankfully newly prepared to do.

Luckily, the seizure ended safely in time and the medicine was never necessary, but now the team are absolutely ready to respond.

As well as being lifesaving, the new skills also reduce need for individuals to be taken into hospital, Leanne explains:

“In the past they would have to be collected by an ambulance, transferred to hospital and receive care from strangers in a daunting setting. It’s a lot less stressful for someone with autism or learning disabilities to just be able to be supported by their own team this way.”

Speaking about the future, Leanne says:

“This enables us to widen our range of services and care, and improve the quality of training for all staff. We’re looking forward to upskilling everyone, we feel really good about that.”

For us, an individual’s comfort and happiness comes second only to their health and safety. With the qualification achieved, the fantastic team of Agincare Enable make this possible.

What Agincare Enable offers

Our team can support you with:

  • Being an active participant in your support, not a passive recipient of care
  • All aspects of self-care and daily living
  • Gaining skills for independence
  • Your communication skills
  • Managing your own behaviours
  • Building social networks
  • Being part of your local community
  • Having fun and enjoying yourself in a safe, supportive environment
  • Being referred to specialist community services, such as speech and language therapy
  • Helping you to monitor your health and wellbeing