Our male care workers can’t imagine doing anything else

Published: Friday 25th February 2022

Live-in care has always seen a higher number of women to men in the sector. The nurturing instinct has continually found its place in the world of care. However, everyone has the ability to care.

Male care workers can also make great companions and, for those seeking a live-in care worker, they can open up unique opportunities for connection and shared interests.

Many of our male care workers have tight-knit friendships with their clients.

Marcell and Jeff

Marcell, 55, argues that there isn’t a time when his gender gets in the way of doing a brilliant job. He feels privileged to lend his own strengths to the role, especially when it comes to supporting his clients in an emergency situation. He knows that care is a more popular career choice for women, but he comes naturally to the role and couldn’t see himself doing anything else.

Marcell’s client, Jeff, knows that Marcell is there to help and will always catch him when he falls (physically and metaphorically). The two of them have a natural, unbreakable bond. Living together and supporting Jeff, Marcell can’t help but express his gratitude for working with such a historic and interesting man:

91-year-old Jeff is a living history book and I learn a lot from him every day! He will always tell me the truth and corrects the documentaries we watch together. Care is not just physical; it is emotional too. You have to find the key. Jeff is not living in fear, he knows he is in safe hands.

– Marcell

Marcell is pleasantly surprised at how many shared interests he has with Jeff, making his job much more enjoyable, as they naturally spend time doing things together. The day is loosely structured for Jeff as Marcell allows him freedom to start the day when he is ready and ensures there are plenty of activities planned for them both.

Their adventures include trainspotting and Marcell was instrumental in the birthday plans for Jeff’s 90th. Along with his son, Marcell helped organise a surprise train ride for him. This meant a lot to Jeff who happily spends time watching train videos on the internet with Marcell most evenings – in fact, they are often late to bed caught up in learning about the variety of trains around the world on the big screen! Jeff marvels at technology allowing this to be a shared hobby.

I think we have watched at least 80 hours of train videos on the internet by now but we are both fascinated!

– Marcell

Male care workers developing strong bonds

Marcell continues to explain the close bond the two of them have formed, and touches on the grief experienced by both with the passing of Jeff’s wife, Elaine.

My main priority during lockdown was looking after Jeff when Elaine was alive, however there were moments that Elaine needed me too. I made a point of allowing them to be a couple, simply appearing as a shadow, allowing privacy for them to talk. But they knew I was there if they needed me. I wanted to be someone by their side, a companion, not a carer.

– Marcell

Moments of grief can happen to us all, and it is just as easy for our male care workers to empathise, and be the support you need.

Marcell knew that Jeff needed him more than ever and naturally structured their days to allow him to process his grief. The shared interests and hobbies helped create distractions for them and Jeff found moments of joy in the smallest of gestures. Marcell was able to imagine himself in Jeff’s shoes and so prioritised making him his favourite zebra pancakes.

It’s the little things you can do for someone that mean the most. I am not in this job for the money, I am here for purpose. I was confronted with death at a very young age and care is all I’ve ever known.

– Marcell

A shared love of music

Another enjoyment for both Jeff and Marcell is classical music. Marcell learned early on in their care worker and client relationship that by playing various favourites from his Bluetooth speaker around the house, Jeff responded well. It makes even the most mundane of tasks more enjoyable for them both.

I play classic music using my Bluetooth speaker, Jeff is very impressed. We joke that the bathroom is actually The Royal Albert Hall!

– Marcell

After a well-earned break following the Covid-19 lockdown, Marcell and Jeff have once again been reunited and it’s clear to see how happy they are. In fact, they didn’t wait around long before going to their favourite café together for a hot drink:

Regardless of everything Marcell has faced in his life he will continue pushing himself and working hard for his clients.

No day is the same for Marcell, or indeed any of our care workers. The bond between them and each of their clients grows stronger with every minute. We are delighted to know that they are proud to care, and wouldn’t change it for the world.

Live-in care is a career with heart

Marcell is just one of our fantastic nationwide live-in care team. If caring comes naturally to you, then a career with us could be what you’re looking for.

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