Is 24-hour homecare for younger adults too?

Published: Wednesday 30th December 2020

Live-in care can be an excellent solution for adults of any age looking for 24-hour care. The main advantage of live-in care over a care home or traditional home care visits is that you get round-the-clock support in the comfort and security of your own home.

And during COVID-19, live-in care is one of the safest and most comfortable forms of care. You can self-isolate in the comfort of your own home, in complete control over who enters your home.

High-quality live-in care

At Agincare we have extensive experience in providing high-quality live-in care for younger adults with a physical disability. Our live-in care workers are friendly, professional and empathetic. They are experienced and well-trained in using adaptations and equipment, such as hoists, commodes and electric wheelchairs.

David’s story

David is 36 and has cerebral palsy. He lives in a town in central Wales. David loves to spend time going out, seeing friends and family, and eating his favourite meals, which include fish and chips and pizza.

David, a live-in care client with cerebral palsy

After researching different care options and providers, David and his mother chose Agincare’s live-in care service. It gives David the support to make his own decisions about how to live his life, all in the comfort of his own home.

Having someone move in means you get to keep all your possessions around you, plus your pets and social life. None of that needs to change. All that’s needed to be able to welcome a live-in care worker into your home is a spare room.

We take care of everything

One of the big advantages of our live-in care services is that we take care of everything, from finding the right care worker for you, through to employing them and making sure there’s someone to provide cover for holidays.

Our care workers come from different walks of life, with a range of interests and life stories. Julian is David’s live-in care worker…

I like to help people and make a difference. I enjoy meeting new people and building friendships with clients and their families. David really has become like a little brother to me. I also enjoy learning about new places. During my time with Agincare I’ve tried Cornish pasties in Cornwall and now Welsh cakes in Wales!

A typical day sees Julian supporting David to do personal care and household tasks. After waking up, Julian turns on the TV in David’s room. Once David has caught up with the news Julian supports him to have a shower and a shave, and to brush his teeth. After that it’s time for David to get dressed, have breakfast and take his medication.

Keep your own routine

Having 24-hour homecare means you can choose your own routine. You don’t have to fit in with anyone else’s schedule. With Julian’s support, David can make the most of his day, often getting out and about in his electric wheelchair. Local places they go to include the nearby lake and the neighbourhood shops.

And with Julian preparing the meals, David can choose what he wants to eat. He can even have dinner in front of the TV if it coincides with an episode of Emmerdale, his favourite TV show.

David decides what time to go to bed. And again, Julian is there to get everything ready so that David can have a good night’s sleep.

Genuine friendship

Another great thing about live-in care is the genuine friendships that evolve. David and Julian are very sociable together, spending time listening to music, watching Netflix and supporting their local rugby team. David’s flat overlooks the rugby pitch, and Julian has been learning all about the Welsh national sport.

I’m getting to grips with rugby, as it’s one of David’s passions. Together we watch matches from the window. I bought David a Welsh rugby ball for his birthday and it takes pride of place in his flat.