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Hospital Discharge

Our Fast-Track Hospital Discharge Service is designed as an interim service to enable patients to be discharged safely and promptly from hospital once medically fit. Where local providers are failing to provide the required care for patients on discharge, our service ensures discharge dates are met whilst patients return home with the necessary care in place. Supplying live-in care staff as the interim care service on hospital discharges has proven to reduce the percentage of hospital readmissions.

Agincare wins 'Best Partners in Care' award from Portsmouth NHS Trust

Agincare’s partnership with Solent NHS began in February 2017. This innovative project was set up to reduce the number of long-term patients stranded in hospital after becoming medically fit for discharge.

It offers two distinct services, managed by Agincare’s Project Lead Martin O’Jeda;

1) A bridging service aimed at reducing the number of Delayed Transfers of Care (DTOC).  Whenever patients are ready for discharge but local care providers lack the capacity to take them on, carers from Agincare now look after them until the local providers have the required capacity

Christmas at Blenheim

Christmas Party what a great party laughter and Joy singing Dancing. Nick Seller always gives a great party at Blenheim lots of singing and laughter.Christmas Day we have all been good over the year and Father Christmas came on Christmas day for a Bailey’s Coffee and to give presents to all

What a great Christmas thank-you for all your support in 2017

Live-in Care - Discharge to Asses

I would like to thank you for the sensitivity that you have shown to my father and to me his daughter in arranging full time live in care for my father.

Both Dad and I were very impressed with Lisa who came and visited my father in hospital to assess his needs. She spent 90 minutes talking to him, his nurse and myself. Then came and visited his home. To me this demonstrated that she was not only assessing how he was physically and medically but to genuinely get to know him in order to match him as closely as possible to a carer.

Live-in Reablement & Rehabilitation Testimonial

SP had spent a long time in hospital. She had originally been admitted due to a fall where she fractured her neck of femur. SP went from the ward to the rehabilitation unit where unfortunately she fell and fractured both her wrists. This then required a further stay on the ward and then more time on the rehabilitation unit.

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