My journey into a home care job – Lillie’s Story

Published: Monday 25th October 2021

Lillie, 19, is a home care assistant at our Bristol home care office. She began her home care job in February 2021 with little awareness of either the passion it would incite, or the career it would become.

As one of the Bristol branch’s youngest care workers, Lillie has made great strides in just a short time; becoming a favourite amongst staff and clients alike.

Bristol Manager, Gabby Duval, said:

Lillie started with us in February and has come so far. She is one of our youngest carers and receives so much praise from everyone she cares for. The staff love having her as part of the team and her service users love having her care for them.

– Gabby Duval, Bristol Manager

When talking to Lillie, that instinctual passion to care is unmistakable. She is kind-hearted and warm, but with an air of humility. However, this was not always the career path she imagined.

Lillie’s journey into a home care career

Having previously worked in retail, Lillie’s journey really began when a friend, already employed by Agincare, recommended she apply for a part time home care job with Agincare. “I didn’t know what to do after college. My friend did it and recommended that I join. I always wanted to care.”

At the time, Lillie was studying Cabin Crew and Airport Operations, and continued to do so thanks to the flexible shifts available in her new home care job.

Over the next few months, Lillie’s passion for care grew and, after completing college, she chose to stay on as a Home Care Assistant.

When asked what the benefits were of working in home care, she explained:

I love being able to go home and think: I have helped. It’s rewarding. I know I have made a difference. It’s tiring, but it’s worth it.

– Lillie, Home Care Assistant

Giving back to the community

When talking to Lillie, she frequently referred to herself as a “walker”. This term describes a Home Care Assistant who supports people living within their local area; therefore, walking to the clients rather than travelling by car.

Lillie lives at home with her family and cockapoo, Jeff. Having always lived in Knowle, she now finds herself caring for a few of the familiar faces she has always known to be part of her local community.

This is rewarding but also strange. As Lillie describes, “I have always lived in the same house. It’s weird. As a walker, I do set rounds in Knowle and some of my clients know my family.”

For Lillie, working in home care is a chance to give back to the community she has grown up surrounded and supported by.

The Agincare family

That sense of community also exists within the Agincare team.

Despite the common misconception that a home care job can be a lonely profession, Lillie spoke of the close bonds she has formed with many of her colleagues.

I’m close with quite a lot of the other carers. When I started there were quite a lot of double ups. I keep in touch with the other carers and they are always there for me if I need support or advice.

– Lillie, Home Care Assistant

This close connection with her colleagues was made evident recently when her manager, Gabby, acknowledged Lillie’s hard work and dedication on the Agincare Bristol Facebook page. This was soon followed by an influx of support and congratulations from home care workers and friends in the comments section of the post.


A career in home care

Lillie’s career in home care has already seen her grow in the role. She explains, “When I first started I was nervous. It was weird going into other people’s houses who I didn’t really know or what to expect. It’s about learning people’s routines and getting to know them. When I get a new client now, I don’t get nervous. I feel confident. I’m good at building relationships with my clients.”

It is not just about professional development. Working in a home care job places an equal importance on personal growth.

Since taking her friends advice, Lillie has discovered her strengths in building relationships and has learnt to have confidence in her own abilities. What’s more, she has found a rewarding career.

I will always be in care. I want to work my way up and have a career. I know that when I need help or advice, the people in the office will help me progress.

– Lillie, Home Care Assistant

This was made evident when speaking to Gabby who stressed Lillie’s natural disposition to care and the support she receives from the home care team.

Lillie wants to help out because she cares and nothing is too much trouble. She has been such an asset to our team and we love her.

– Gabby Duval, Bristol Manager

Like Lillie, you can discover the rewards of a home care job. Whether it’s a rewarding career, an opportunity to give back to your community, or having a supportive team around you, discover the benefits for yourself.

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