Gorseway Nursing home reaches full capacity

Published: Thursday 7th March 2019

We are pleased to announce the recently acquired Gorseway Nursing Home on Hayling Island has reached full capacity for the first time in six years. Although in a prime site and with great facilities in a purpose built nursing home, the home had experienced long terms issues with staffing, management and poor occupancy.

Since the acquisition of Gorseway Nursing Home in October 2018, the team worked tirelessly to put our Agincare stamp on the home; ensuring residents receive the same high-quality service offered across the whole business.

We spoke to our CEO Raina Summerson regarding the recent positive news;

“Gorseway was a key acquisition for Agincare due to its excellent position, the opportunity for a range of service provision from the site and our confidence that we could bring it back to being the home of choice on the island, given our surrounding locations and long term relationships with health and social care services in the region.

I am so pleased for the Gorseway staff team, residents and families who have worked so hard along with us and can now see the home move forward and see the wider Gorseway Park site offer more vital community provision. We are all very excited to see how the site grows and services flourish in the coming months.”

The sense of achievement is felt no more than by those who work in Gorseway Nursing Home. Mariana Hrisimova shared with us her response to hitting this pinnacle moment:

“The entire team has celebrated the success over tea and cake this morning, we’re very excited for the future of Gorseway.”

Gorseway Nursing Home is located within the beautiful grounds of Gorseway Park on Hayling Island and offers a quiet and relaxing environment for residents and their families.