Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week 2024

Published: Monday 5th February 2024

As the anticipation builds for National Apprenticeship Week 2024, Training Now takes centre stage, highlighting stories of perseverance, development, and success. Under the theme ‘Skills for Life,’ apprenticeships at Training Now have emerged as fuel for transformative career paths. Our training partner, Training Now, is a nationwide training company specialising in social care apprenticeships and short courses.

Let’s delve into the inspiring journeys of Abby, Ildiko, and Filipe. They have not only embraced the ‘earn while you learn’ philosophy, but have also conquered challenges, paving the way for career success that proves the enduring impact of apprenticeships.

Building careers through apprenticeships

Abby, a crucial member of Agincare’s onboarding team, embarked on her apprenticeship in 2018. What initially started as a new venture evolved into a lifelong passion for recruitment. With the support of Training Now, Abby not only completed her Business Administration apprenticeship with distinction but also progressed to a senior role in the onboarding team. Abby’s story underscores the diverse opportunities that apprenticeships offer for shaping careers.

Abby shared her journey:

“I began my apprenticeship, then transitioned into Live-in care recruitment, continuing my apprenticeship through that. I’ve now worked my way up to a senior onboarding associate in the recruitment team. My apprenticeship exposed me to different parts of the company, and through this, I discovered my interest in recruitment. I enjoyed working with the team and found my passion.”

Ildiko’s progression:

Ildiko’s journey resonates with the essence of ‘Skills for Life’ as she progressed from a Care Coordinator to a Deputy Manager. Completing her Level 3 in Leadership and Management, Ildiko’s dedication and hard work laid the foundation for professional growth. Currently, halfway through her Level 4, Ildiko stands as a perfect example of how Training Now’s apprenticeships provide a robust base for continual learning and career advancement.

Ildiko shared her experience:

“I wanted to advance in my career. My dedication and extra study hours helped me build a solid foundation for my growing knowledge, gaining confidence along the way.”

Filipe’s Dynamic Transformation:

Filipe’s journey from being a care worker to IT Projects and Operations Manager for Agincare exemplifies how an apprenticeship can shape a career trajectory and lead you down an entirely different path. For Filipe, this saw him become a Branch Manager and Area Manager before making the move to Aginacre’s Head Office Services. Through his apprenticeships and additional learning provided by Training Now, Filipe has been able to explore a new career within Agincare. 

Filipe explained:

“It’s a significant commitment. You need to be prepared to put in the hours. If you have a busy lifestyle, you need to consider it. Training Now provides the support and toolkits to help you succeed.”

The Message:

What binds these diverse stories is the unwavering support and commitment offered by Training Now and Agincare’s commitment to career progression and the development of its teams. Abby, Ildiko, and Filipe have all benefited from this.

The apprenticeships provided by Training Now play a key role in guaranteeing the future of Agincare. The stories of Abby, Ildiko, and Fil embody the ethos of ‘Skills for Life,’ encapsulating the transformative impact apprenticeships can have on personal and professional growth. As we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, let these stories inspire you to embark on the journey of apprenticeships. 

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