Care homes and coronavirus – reassurance for families (updated April 2022)

Published: Saturday 24th April 2021

We understand that our clients and their families have real concerns over the safety and well-being of residents due to Covid. As restrictions further ease, we would like to continue to reassure you that we are doing everything in our power to keep our residents and care workers safe.

Evidence clearly shows that the vaccination roll-out is effective, and has had a positive impact of reducing cases, outbreaks and risks in our care homes.  All our care home workers were double vaccinated at 11 November 2021 (or were exempt) as required by legislation at that time.  We continue to work with reference to latest changes to government legislation and guidance; and still strongly encourage, recommend and support vaccination and boosters amongst our teams and new applicants.

Care homes and coronavirus - keeping safe

How are you minimising coronavirus risk in your care homes?

Following Covid guidance

  • We continue to work with reference to  latest Government and Public Health England (PHE) COVID guidance.
  • All our care workers are rigorously following hygiene procedures such as regular hand-washing, use of correct PPE, social distancing where possible and rotation of uniforms
  • All staff are given comprehensive social care training from our training partner Training Now

PPE (personal protective equipment)

  • We have made huge efforts to source sufficient PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for our care home staff and visitors
  • We ensure our care workers wear PPE correctly

Checking care home residents for coronavirus symptoms

  • We are continuously communicating with and checking residents to detect if they have any Covid-19 symptoms.
  • If any symptoms are present, the resident is tested, with support and care given for their health and wellbeing, and government guidance followed as appropriate depending on the result.

How are you keeping care home residents’ spirits up?

Care home resident video-conferencing with smartphone


  • Throughout the pandemic we have encouraged safe visiting, and are taking precautions around care home visiting to maintain the safety of our residents and staff
  • We keep residents engaged and connected with their loved ones. This includes: