Handy new online tool calculates weekly cost of living in a care home

Published: Thursday 21st November 2019

If you’re thinking about care options for yourself or a loved one, and wonder how much moving into a care home might cost, a new free online care home cost calculator from care provider Agincare could help.

All you have to do is complete a simple two-minute online questionnaire about your or your family member’s care needs, and the handy calculator finds your nearest three Agincare care and nursing homes and gives you a guide to the weekly care costs.

Care home weekly cost calculator

The calculator asks 10 simple questions about how much support you or your relative need to eat and drink, move around, take medication, and get washed and dressed. Each question comes with three ‘levels’ of support as possible answers – you simply choose the one that’s most accurate.

There are also questions about whether you or your loved-one are often confused and forgetful, and about how easy you or they find communication. Plus how much bladder control you/they have, whether there are complex needs (such as using a catheter or needing end of life care), how much support is needed at night and how happy you/they are to accept support.

Together, your answers generate an indication of a tailored level of care and support. Agincare sends this result to you in an email, giving you a no-obligation idea of the weekly cost at your nearest three care homes.

After that, it’s up to you whether you take your enquiry further and arrange to meet one of the Agincare team to discuss moving to a care home in more detail.

The care home cost calculator comes hot on the heels of the care provider’s successful live-in care cost calculator, which launched in August.

Try the free care home cost calculator now.