Our care home residents enjoy the great outdoors

Published: Monday 10th May 2021

Residents at our care homes have been making the most of the good weather to get out and about in their local area.

We welcome the recent move by the Government to allow care home residents to leave for low-risk trips out without having to self-isolate for 14 days afterwards.

As a leading independent care provider we have been supporting John’s Campaign calls to ensure residents’ freedom and choice are respected.

During the pandemic, we have welcomed essential carers and facilitated safe visits to its care homes, as well as trips outside wherever possible too.

Agincare Homes Chief Operating Officer Tim Buckley said:

We know that visiting and outings are absolutely essential to the well-being of Agincare’s residents and their loved ones.

Our commitment throughout the pandemic has been to do our absolute best to ensure safe visits and trips out are possible at every single Agincare home across the country.

Residents at our Fulford Care Home in Littlehampton have been enjoying trips out to the harbourside and seafront in the good weather.

Husband Frank and wife Dora Harmer were among those who visited the seaside with care home workers.

Frank said:

It was quite good. We saw a lot of boats and wouldn’t mind doing the trip again, and of course the fresh and sea air did us good. We don’t want to be inside all the time.

Dora added:

It was a nice walk. They’ve added quite a lot more there now. Something different.


Fulford Care Home resident John Geal said:

It’s like having a birthday present!

Jeanette Haselgrove enjoyed a trip out to the seaside with our care workers.

Just the thought of going out was a lovely feeling. I couldn’t stop smiling. It was like an adventure. It bought back lovely memories. It’s where I’ve wanted to go more than anything.

Our Fulford Care Home in Littlehampton is rated Good by the Care Quality Commission, and located close to the seafront.