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Delays in transfer of care

Date Published: 
Monday, August 13, 2018 - 20:15

Recent data published by NHS England shows a 24% decrease in delayed transfer of care when comparing June 2017 to June 2018. Though the trend shows very positive signs there were still over 134,000 delayed days of care in June 2018. The main reason for NHS delays was because patients were awaiting further non acute NHS care. For social care delays, patients were often waiting for care packages to be set up in their own homes.

At Agincare Live-in Management Services we have long recognised that delayed transfer of care has been a major issue with both the NHS and social care, costing them both a lot of money, blocking much needed bed places and not getting people back to the comfort of their own homes in a timely manner – thus also risking further decline in health. Over recent years we have been supporting Clinical Commissioning Groups, Hospitals and Community Social Care teams to improve their delayed transfers of care by utilising innovative, flexible and effective live-in care models.

The main barrier to our approach is that live-in care is often considered too expensive and only a stop gap solution. However, compared to the cost of lengthy stays in acute hospital beds (on average around 2.5 days in a hospital bed are equivalent to a week of live-in care costs), it is a much more cost-effective and beneficial option for the simple reason that the patient is living in their own home. Furthermore, we are also seeing that providing reablement for people in their own home provides a lasting solution, with improved outcomes and helping prevent hospital re-admission.

Adam Luckhurst, Agincare’s Customer Relations Director stated: “Our current partnerships with the public sector are working well and delivering efficiency and positive outcomes for commissioners and patients alike. Whilst we are not in a position to provide all the answers to what is a national cross-system issue, we have proven ourselves to be effective at reducing delayed discharges, preventing re-admissions and helping people to get home quickly and safely.”


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