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Another win for the team!

Date Published: 
Tuesday, November 21, 2017 - 17:00

An important part of our work at Agincare, since moving our head office to Portland over 3 years ago, has been involving ourselves in the wider community and in the regeneration of Castletown. Most notably, the personal investment by our Chairman Derek Luckhurst in the area around our offices, which has now been transformed from a neglected area with several derelict buildings to one that is thriving. This is largely due to Derek driving through both some fabulous new builds and the businesses in them; resulting in additional jobs and tourism for the area.

Despite some opposition to some of the development plans when we arrived, it has been a great recognition of his achievement and success that the Weymouth Civic Society last night awarded Derek their top building award for the Crabbers' Wharf development and surrounding area (pictured right). This recognises the local and architectural significance of the quality design and build. A real legacy for this historic area.

This ongoing regeneration and our work with the wider Portland community is reflective of values and the integrity with which we want to undertake our work at Agincare; both directly in terms of our service provision delivering care into the community and indirectly in how we use our own time and positions to support wider projects and local communities. 

You can see some pics of the the Crabbers' Wharf development below. Or go to the website Crabbers Wharf

Crabbers Wharf before and after

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