Lights, camera, action – it’s our new recruitment campaign!

Published: Wednesday 6th October 2021

We have been working on something very special, and it’s finally time to unveil it.

In September, 10 Agincare care workers travelled to a film studio in Bournemouth, where it was lights, camera, action – and movie magic was made!

First, a little backstory.

It’s a hard time in the sector, the nation is feeling it. Care is facing an acute shortage of workers, and this impacts clients directly. It also impacts our existing care teams, who have continued to care through it all.

The world has started to find its feet following last year’s upheaval, and we have turned our sights to recruitment as a top priority. Our team is 3,500 strong nationwide, and we are still growing. Not only do we want to reinvigorate the incredible work of our existing care workers, and enrich the high quality of service our clients receive; we want to expand sustainably and shout from the rooftops that a care job with Agincare can be the one for you.

Don’t just take it from us, take it from our phenomenal care team.

Drumroll please!

Care jobs at Agincare - home care, live-in care & care homes

We are now delighted to launch our new recruitment campaign, made possible by the care, vivacity and camaraderie of our own team members. The excitement we feel about sharing this series of videos is only matched by the pride we have in the fact that every single person featured is a real Agincare care worker – no actors in sight.

We’ve always said we put people first.

Agincare’s care teams are made up of people from all backgrounds and all walks of life, united by the fact that they care. That’s exactly what we want to celebrate.

We scouted for team members in the South who were effervescent and dazzling, with infectious laughs and a willingness to try something new. We do take additional pride in the fact that just such people within Agincare turned out to be so incredibly easy to find.

The release of this campaign also comes alongside a landmark rollout of new benefits for both incoming and existing care workers, following a recent staff-wide survey. We want to let you know that we are grateful, we are listening, and because you care, so do we.

Keep your eyes peeled!

In the coming weeks much more content about this wonderful group will be launched including blog posts and interviews, so you can find out what working in care homes, home care, and live-in care is like. Without further ado, please grab the popcorn and take your seats for the grand debut of our new campaign!

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Our care assistants are…

• Young people looking to supplement their lifestyle. Students, apprentices and everything in between. Our flexibility means you can work even just a handful of weeks in a whole year, with free training and transferable skills.

• Switching to the industry. People newly considering care, from a completely different path. Whether you’ve been working for a tech company or café, if you’re passionate about caring, put your ethic to a fantastic use.

• Already in healthcare. Nurses and healthcare providers are a segment of our team. Often seeking a shift in pace from more high-intensity environments, and contributing years of experience.

• Just like you, wanting to make a difference. Those who want to make positive impacts on their community. Many come out of retirement or adjust their lifestyles to work flexibly, earn extra and give back to the areas they love.

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